mercer health & benefits administration llc

mercer health & benefits administration llc - Mercer Health& Benefits Administration LLC is an insurance broker and has arranged a programme designed through Long-Term Care Resources( LTCR) for our clients to offer Long Term Care Insurance and Life assurance with Long Term Care( hybrid) to their members. Long-Term Care Resources is the insurance make for the program and will provide you with similar quotes from the available insurers and work with you to select an insurer. While other insurers or programs may be available in insurance policies mart, we are offering the LTCR program.

In accordance with industry custom, we are offset through boards that are calculated as percentage points of the insurance premiums charged by insurers. We may also receive additional cash and nonmonetary compensation for insurers, or from other guarantee intermediaries, which may be contingent upon such factors as publication, raise or retention of business. This compensation can be applied in fee from insurers for market related expenses or investments in technology. Our compensation may vary depending on the type of insurance purchased and the insurer adopted. The carrier( s) include the following boards in their quotes. Delight was pointed out that not all products are available for all clients. Delight contact us at 1-888-206-5088 if you are interested in additional information.

Marsh& McLennan Company and the relevant subsidiary own equity affairs in certain insurers and have contractual arrangements with particular insurers and wholesale agents. Intelligence regarding these affairs and contracts is available at clarity. Intelligence on material ownership, if any, that a quoting insurer has in Marsh& McLennan Company or the relevant subsidiary is available upon request.

Mercer is prohibited by law in most governments from reforming the amount of compensation received from the insurer based in whole or in part on the sale of this insurance.