intel health benefits

intel health benefits - Medical and Dental Benefits: Your active employee medical and dental coverage intention at midnight on the final day of the month in which your engaging dissolves, i.e. your retirement time is October 3, your coverage intention October 31.

- Within in three weeks of your retirement, you will receive two packets from the Intel Health Benefits Center: 1) Retiree Health Packet with SERMA& IRMP information and

2) A personalized COBRA packet with an Election Notice. The COBRA Election Notice includes information on the cost, deadlines, period of COBRA coverage, ballot word and Notice of Continuation Rights and Responsibilities.
- If COBRA is elected within 60 days of your coverage terminate time or the time your notification is mailed, whichever occurs afterward, there will be no fault in coverage. Squandering the appointments in the speciman above, COBRA would be effective November 1. Intel's COBRA Administrator is Aon Hewitt *.
- COBRA helps are based on your dwelling address -- be sure to update your dwelling address with Intel.
- Your SERMA, if eligible, will be created 45-60 days after your retirement. Intel's SERMA administrator is Aon Hewitt.
- If you do not receive your container or have questions, including of COBRA medical and dental fees, can be contacted Intel Health Benefits Center at (8 77) GoMyBen (877-466-9236 ).