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tourmaline health benefits - What is Tourmaline? Tourmaline is a type of colored semi-precious stone which occurs naturally in various regions around the world. It was initially discovered in the early 18 th century in Sri Lanka but since then enormous accumulations ought to have found in a number of countries including Madagascar, Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and also in various African countries.

This colored stone is favourite as an accessory because of its beautiful stray of colors dyes. It can be found in numerous tints of pink, purple, cherry-red, amber, green and blue while it can also be translucent or black. Its list is actually taken away from the Singhalese expression' tura mali' which makes' dynamic colored stones'.

Apart from simply looking good, tourmaline which is also known as' Electric stone' is considered to be one of the best available vigor specifying crystals on the planet. As far back as 1880, laboratory ventures were conducted by French scientists who found that tourmaline engendered an electric charge.

This charge granted the gemstone to grow far infrared photons, alpha tides and negative ions. Indeed, it is one of the very little minerals with capacities necessary to eject far infrared rays and negative ions. Tourmaline can produce its own electrical cost when put under great pressure and also if it is heated and cooled to extremes.

Tourmaline has a proliferating reputation for its health benefits peculiarly its ability to help the body's detoxification process and to boost the immune system.

The Health Benefits of Tourmaline

Many chronic illnesses can be linked directly to the overflow of toxins in the body. There is little that we can do to avoid coming into contact with these toxins; "were about" surrounded by environmental chemicals and numerous get directly into our diets. This often means that our bodies need to be purified that are intended to get wise back into the best wielding say possible.

Proponents of tourmaline contend that it is a potent natural detoxifier which can also relieve stress and feeling while improving focus and mental alertness. It can also improve the body's circulation while applying the immune structure a well necessary boost.

As well as its detoxifying impact on the body's tissues and organs, supporters suggest that tourmaline are also welcome to have a potent detoxifying impact on the body's nervous system which has a variety of knock on helps in terms of feelings wellbeing such as stress relief and ability to concentrate more effectively and for longer periods and may also help you to sleep better.

How does Tourmaline Work for your Health?

As we have already mentioned, tourmaline can produce negative ions, far infrared rays and alpha tides all of who are capable of exert potent healing qualities on the body. Make us take a detailed look at how these three ingredients can help our body and mind.

1) Negative Ions

If you have ever stood near the base of a beautiful cataract or unwound in the vicinity of a natural spring, you may well have noticed how reinvigorated, refreshed and alive it constitutes you feel. You may experience similar notions when you take a walk through the woods or just after a heavy dosage of rain.

There is actually a good reason for these positive excitements and that is because of the abundant presence of negative ions.

In order to understand the beneficial effects of negative ions, it is perhaps easier to excuse by noting its negative effects that positive ions can transmit on our body. The high concentration of positive ions combined with a shortage of negative ions is linked to negative environmental conditions.

These conditions include daily pollutants like transaction smogs, pesticides, cigarette cigarette, cell phone and power cable. Many of these pollutants are difficult to avoid in the modern daytime but they start positive ions which produce harmful free radicals that can cause cellular detriment and ill health.

The negative ions produced by tourmaline helps proselytize the air's sweat into beneficial negative ions which neutralize the potential harm caused by those free radicals the positive ions start. Because of high rates of negative ions that tourmaline renders, it may have similar healthy upshots to those found in nature.

More and more of these positive impacts are now coming to light-footed including the following:

- It can strengthen the immune system
- Tourmaline can regenerate cells
- It helps stabilize blood pressure
- It can improve circulation by distending the blood vessels
- It can purify the blood
- It shortens the heartbeat and improves cardiac function

2) Far-Infrared Rays

Tourmaline too renders far-infrared rays but why are they important for our health? Well, according to experts these invisible tides of pure vigor can infiltrate the body very deeply going beneath the muscles and tissues and right into the bones. For more information on Far-Infrared benefits-read here.

These rays too help improve blood spurt and circulation by distending the capillaries responsible for transporting blood around the body. This improves oxygenation, renovates and purifies the blood and helps detoxify the body's organs. According to experts, this detoxification works at a very profound elevation and allows the toxins present in the blood to be effectively dissolved.

The warming regiman provided by the far-infrared rays has innumerable beneficial effects on the body including the following:

- It promotes circulation and blood supply.
- It refines the blood and helps to eliminate harmful toxins.
- It can reduce muscular cramps by warming the muscles.
- It improves metabolism.
- It helps to strengthen the immune system.
- It helps provide relief from feeling and stress.
- It improves vigor and shortens fatigue.
- It settles the nervous system and relieves nerve detriment and pain.
- It helps promote a good light of sleep.

3) Tourmaline Makes Alpha Waves

Another reason that tourmaline is so beneficial to your health is its ability to generate alpha tides. This is important because according to experts the human intelligence can produce several vigor tides that pulsate at contradicting frequencies.

Alpha tides in the intelligence are slow and research has demonstrated that when people are in an alpha territory, their abilities tend to receive more oxygen which in turn allows them to loosen better and sleep more deeply.

Scientists from Japan and Germany found that tourmaline extends an vigor which precisely joins the alpha waving frequencies found in the intelligence. When beings are exposed to this particular waving frequency, the human rights intelligence is able to enter its alpha territory more easily. This has innumerable helps to its implementation of remain, sleep and feelings wellbeing.

These positive impacts include the following:

- It helps reinforcing the intelligence and improves intellect.
- It can help to improve focus and mental clarity.
- It can help slow down the aging process.
- It improves the body's they are able to heal.
- It shortens stress.
- It improves sleep structures and aspect of sleep.

Some Fun Information about Tourmaline

- Some professional athletes have noted that their concerts improved significantly after exerting tourmaline includes the Olympic swimming champ from Sweden- Glen Christiansen. Christiansen am of the view that wearing a tourmaline pendant leaved him strength and allowed his body to recuperate quicker following workouts.

- Tourmaline is said to have libido ameliorating abilities. According to numerous beings, it can increase se* xu* al vigor and passion in boys( Glen Christiansen is a prominent backer ).