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Scientific proven health benefits of sapota A study has shown that the sapota fruit is rich in antioxidants and sapota juice has multiple radical-scavenging potential due to its nutraceutical components viz phenolics carotenoids and ascorbic acid. Furthermore it reduces the possibility of stones appearance in the kidney and bring a strong kidney.

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Its also good to treat anaemia with as its also rich in iron.

Sapota fruit juice benefits. Mamey Sapote benefits includes weight management maintaining cardiovascular health supports growth of healthy bones and teeth and more. Since the fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins it helps the body have high bone density and gives the bones a lot of strength as well. Sapota juice prevents dry and flaky skin and helps in moisturizing your skin keeping it hydrated.

When it is seasonal it is understood that it contains the best of the vitamins and health benefits to skin and hair as it is the high calorie fruit with zero cholesterol and zero fat. It brings down the temperature of the body. You can blend it into a smoothie as a refreshment.

For best result you must eat ripe Sapota but you can also choose to have the Sapota juice as well. In short eating Sapota or Chikoo fruit helps in developing body resistance against many infectious diseases. Vitamin C boosts immunity Vitamin A improves eyesight while Vitamin B6 helps in the development of the babys brain and controls the haemoglobin levels.

Some of the benefits of Sapota juice are. Sapota juice helps to maintain healthy weight and lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Tannins have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Studies have shown that vitamin A can improve vision even during the old age as well. It is the seasonal fruit which is mostly seen during winters. 100 grams sapota fruit contains 28 mg of calcium and 27 mg phosphorous.

Sapota is the brown flesh fruit with big bean seeds inside it oval in shape and sweet to taste. It even helps in the production of RBCs. The various health benefits of sapota are mentioned below.

Feb 20 2021 Sapota Sapota health benefits Sapodilla or sapota is another common tropical fruit in line with mango banana jackfruit etc. Tannins are effective against many diseases ant acts as anti-viral anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic. As it contains vitamin A and carbohydrates sapota is an ideal fruit to be consumed by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

It contains potassium therefore it improves the stimulation work of kidney. Sapota fruit is effective in keeping congestion and chronic coughs at bay by removing the phlegm and mucus from the nasal passage and respiratory tract. The magnesium in sapota keeps the blood vessels up and running and the potassium regulates blood pressure and circulation.

Its a good cure for mouth ulcers burning sensation of the stomach and piles. It controls the vomiting and fatigue. It also provides more elasticity to the skin and helps in the better recovery.

Regular consumption of sapota juice provides essential nutrients required for maintaining healthy hair. Being loaded with vitamin A sapota is considered good for maintaining healthy eyes. Sapota kinds of soft simply daigestible pulp manufactured from simple sugars like fructose and sucrose.

1 spoon full of cumin seeds is taken along with sapota fruit to cure ulcers. Chikoo is a rich source of Vitamin A and C. Arthritis is due to weakness of bone-joints and elder people are usually the major victims.

Thus it helps in the alleviation of cold and coughs. It eases stomach uneasiness and aids digestion. Sapota contains Tannin a powerful antioxidants that acts as anta-acid and contend free radicals.

Sapota juice benefits in strengthening your bones and teeth. Iron calcium potassium copper and zinc are found in sapota which reduce stress and help to strengthen the bones. It helps the production of collagen as well.

Pregnant women should eat sapota to keep away fatigue and tiredness caused by morning sickness. Sapota can be beneficial as a treatment for various illnesses. Sapota Fruits helps in strengthening the intestines and in improving their performance.

Sapota Juice for Hair 9. It also aids in the production of collagen which keeps the skin firm and toned. Makes Hair Smooth Soft.

It also activates performance of the intestine. To have healthy bones the body needs enough of iron phosphorus and calcium which Sapota has in abundance. It makes the hair smooth and soft making it more manageable.

The anti-properties of sapota fruit and juice prevents gastric and bowel disorders. This is because of the presence of vitamin A and vitamin C in sapota juice. One of the benefit of black sapote is improve the kidney system.

You may eat the fruit when it is ripe. It helps ease inflammation promote a healthy digestive system and protect the body against conditions like irritable bowels enteritis and gas. Patients of arthritis or osteoporosis are required to eat sapota fruit.

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