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Lauki juice prevents and treats urinary disorders and loss of excessive sodium from the body. Consuming Lauki juice daily once a day helps to reverse the aging process.

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It is because lauki contains water-soluble dietary fibers that promote digestion and help people suffering from mild to acute constipation.

Benefits of lauki juice. Benefits of Lauki Gourd Juice for Heart Liver Kidney Skin and weight loss obesity and jaundice problems by Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna. Symptoms Cure. Lauki juice also aids in digestion and prevents acidity.

Health benefits of Bottle gourd lauki Juice. Lauki also known as Bottle Gourd is a powerhouse of nutrients which can help keep several ailments at bay. Lauki not only keeps our body hydrated but also supports a healthy heart and controls bad cholesterol levels.

The juice is also beneficial for diabetic patients as it stabilizes the blood sugar level and maintains blood pressure. Health benefits of bottle gourd Keeps the heart-healthy. When juicing or eating raw vegetables try choosing organic or vegetables that are seasonal.

Health benefits of lauki in cooling your body Bottle gourd juice has a cooling effect on your body and keeps your body hydrated especially during summers. Its fat and cholesterol content is extremely low. With 98 water content and high fibre content lauki juice helps in proper digestion of food.

Drinking lauki juice is known to treat constipation effectively. It is therapeutic for diabetes. It can also relieve pain and inflammation in the body.

Lets see the incredible health benefits of drinking bottle gourd lauki juice. As per research the juice also shows better effects in the treatment of insomnia and epilepsy 2. These antioxidants helps to fight free radicals and reverse aging.

The best time to drink a glass of bottle gourd juice is in the morning. A small glass would just be perfect. The vitamins minerals and dietary fibre in lauki keep the body well-nourished and curb unnecessary appetite especially if you drink its juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

It also contains electrolytes that helps in maintaining electrolyte balance in the body and help your. Lauki juice is beneficial for improving the digestive system. Health benefits of lauki or bottle gourd include having an enormous impact on the treatment of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Rich in vitamin C B K A content this green veggie may help boost metabolism naturally as it comes loaded with iron which further helps in carrying the oxygen that our muscles need to burn fat. Alternative medicines suggest that consuming fresh lauki juice in the morning on an empty stomach offers an effective cure for diabetes. This juice is best during summer because it contains more than 90 of water which help to maintain your body temperature and keep you hydrated.

Benefits Of Lauki Juice. Bottle gourd juice is also beneficial in many ways. Powerful Antioxidants and anti-aging Lauki juice is loaded with tons of Anti-Oxidants.

Applying bottle gourd juice or lauki juice on the suntan area like face arms and back some 3 to 4 times is a day is helpful in healing the sun burned and darkened patches. But the benefits of lauki juice to treat constipation are commendable. It aids in proper digestion of the food and tones the system.

Lauki juice also helps to get rid of the problems like flatulence bloating piles and constipation. This versatile vegetable possess umpteen health benefits and can be safely added to most menus be it diabetes weight loss healthy heart kidney disease liver disease pregnancy and so on. Health Practitioner and Nutritionist Shilpa Arora adds further Lauki or any vegetable juice is loaded with nutrients that are available to the bodyHowever the bitter part of a few vegetables including lauki and karela can irritate the gut due to the toxic compounds in the bitter parts.

Drink the freshly made juice as it oxidizes fast. In fact if suffering from chronic constipation you must consume Patanjali lauki juice that is rich in the following ingredients. It keeps your stomach cool and reduces body heat.

Topics With Letter A-D Abdominal Pain. Benefits of Lauki Juice for digestive system Bottle gourd juice is highly beneficial for a proper functioning of the digestive system. Studies show that the dietary fiber in bottle gourd juice can help relieve constipation and flatulence.

The best time to have it is in morning. Use it regularly to get maximum benefits. It also helps in treating problems related to digestive system like acidity and flatulence.

So bring lauki juice to your rescue. The juice is rich with anti inflammatory properties and act as a natural bleaching agent.

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