Ivy Gourd Juice Benefits In Hindi

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Medicinal uses of Ivy-Gourd Whole plant of Coccinia Indica is used for medicinal purpose. Health beauty benefits of amla juice Ivy gourd acts as a medicine to cure bronchitis asthma jaundice and leprosy.

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Ivy gourd juice benefits in hindi. Take 2-3 such ball 3 times a day after breakfast lunch and dinner with water. Latin Name- Coccinia indica W A Coccinia grandis. Here is some of what the current research says.

It also helps to cure specific blood-related issues. The ivy gourd plant is known to improve the metabolism reduce the blood sugar level and prevent conditions like diabetes. Ivy gourd is also known as Gentlemans Toes Trindora Kovakkai Kovakka Dondakkaya Tondakayi Vargoli Tondli parwel kundru kunduri etc.

Ivy gourd contains chemicals that may reduce blood sugar levels.

The leaves fruit and roots show anti-diabetic effect. Some studies like a double-blind phase I clinical trial conducted in Matara in August 2009 clearly showed that ivy gourd exercised a blood sugar lowering effect. 10 Health Benefits of Tindora Vegetable Ivy Gourd from India Scientific Checked Pass quality checked by advisor read our quality control guidelance for more info.

Benefits Ayurveda Usage Remedies Research Side Effects Ivy gourd botanically Coccinia indica is known in Ayurveda as Bimbi. This well known vegetable plant is described for the treatment of intestinal worms skin diseases for inducing emesis and purgation in panchakarma therapy. With that said ivy gourd is rich in fiber B vitamins and iron and may help relieve occasional constipation and normalize blood sugar.

Available in supplement form extracts of the ivy gourds roots fruit and leaves are said to offer a range of health benefits. Home Food Bevarages Vegetables 10 Health Benefits of Tindora Vegetable Ivy Gourd from India. In Southeast Asia it is grown for its edible young shoots and edible fruits.

Chemicals in ivy gourd might also help heal skin wounds by killing bacteria reducing swelling inflammation and rebuilding skin. The leaf of this plant is also used to reduce high fever and bowel problems. Ivy Gourd Leaves Juice cures Menstrual Pain.

Plant leaves are used to treat ring worms scabies sinuses UTI and respiratory ailments. The raw fruit is green in color and turns bright red when it i. It is known as Kundru or Tindora or Tendli in Hindi Gujarati and Urdu Tondli in Marathi Kovai in Tamil Kova in Malayalam Donda kaya in Telugu Tonde Kayi in Kannada and Telakucha in Bengali.

At present there is little research to support the use of ivy gourd in treating any medical condition.

Ivy gourd or Tindora known as Kundru in hindi it is a tropical plant in the pumpkin family. Coccinia grandis the ivy gourd also known as scarlet gourd tindora and kowai fruit is a tropical vineIt grows primarily in tropical climates and is commonly found in the southern Indian states where it forms a part of the local cuisine. This is because of the liver enzyme in the vegetable that controls the metabolism rate of sugar in the body with the process of improving glucose production.

Health benefits of Ivy Gourd Tindora Dondakaya Controls blood sugar level ivy gourd for diabetes Ivy gourd has the ability to control blood sugar levels in a natural way. Mix Ivy Gourd Leaves Juice black mustards powder 3-5 gms garlic juice 1 spoon and prepare a small mustard ball.

Ivy gourd is a tropical plant used in herbal medicine. Other Traditional uses and benefits of Ivy Gourd From ancient times ivy gourd is used as anti-inflammatory anticonvulsantwound healing bronchial inflammation antiulcer coughs purgative respiratory mucosae antiemetic astringent poultice and treatment of diabetes mellitus gout and skin diseases asthma and antipyretic.

Coccinia grandis is cooked as a vegetable. This will remove Menstrual Pain on 2nd day itself.

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