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yerba mate health benefits - I first tried yerba teammate at a specialist tea cafe only a few years ago. One of the cafe organization recommended it to me as I was looking for a pick-me-up after work.

It certainly did the job, and now that I've looked into the science of this ancient herb I understand why. I wasn't aware of all of the health benefits of yerba teammate tea back then but soon learned more as its notoriety increased.

As I add over and over again- natural doesn't ever represent safe. That's why I ever do my experiment when it comes to the newest state trends. There ought to have many studies involving yerba teammate in recent years so information is abundant. Predict on to find out exactly what he yerba teammate and what are its health benefits.

What is Yerba Mate?

Yerba mate( pronounced" yer-bah mah-tay ") is a type of tea made from the needles of the bush Ilex Paraguariensis. The yerba teammate bush is a tree that can grow up to 15 hoofs in elevation and displays tiny grey grows and red-faced fruits.

Ilex Paraguariensis is native to the southern regions of South America- Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Argentina is most important producer of yerba mate.

Yerba mate tea leaves are treated before commercial uptake. The fresh needles are often blanched, dried and aged before carton. This can destroy some of the components responsible for its health benefits.( beginning)

The tea is a staple booze amongst the people of South America. It is expended from a small ship called a gourd through a metal straw with a filter called a bombilla( beginning)

Interest in yerba teammate in Northern america and Europe has grown over the past decades- not due to its tone( which is comparable a smoked copy of lettuce tea) but its health benefits.

Publicity has primarily focussed on the association between yerba teammate and weight loss. There are currently several other benefits which I will elaborate on later.

The History of Yerba Mate

Although yerba mate had recently been studied in the laboratories in the last 2 decades, it has been being used by indigenous civilizations for centuries.

Yerba mate was known as" the drink of the gods" by indigenous South Americans who squandered it as both a recreational and medicinal beverage. It was mainly used for its stimulant effects.

Even today, 92% of households in Argentina booze mate tea. It has great ethnic importance- sharing a beverage from the gourd is a sign of friendship and yerba teammate is often part of social events.( beginning)

Yerba Mate Active Ingredients

Plants are often full of potent chemicals with medicinal belongings. This is why they've been part of usual ameliorates for almost as long as humen have been around.

Yerba mate is no exception. You've possibly heard of lettuce tea as an antioxidant powerhouse- well, yerba copulate can give it a run for its fund. Although it contains a different set of combinations, they are equally valuable.

Here's a immediate epitome of the most potent chemical homes found in yerba teammate tea leaves:


Although yerba mate is not as high in flavonoids as black tea, it's still got a good excerpt, including quercetin, kaempferol and rutin. The latter is well known for its antitumor and antiulcer effects.

Caffeoyl Derivatives

Ilex Paraguariensis has the highest antioxidant ability of the whole Ilex genus, this is due to its high content of caffeoyl derivatives.

Included in this family are caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid has been shown to have painkilling, antibacterial, antidiabetic and antitumor activity.


You may not know the term xanthines but you've certainly devoured countless nutrients containing them. Included are caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. They are abundant in tea, coffee and chocolate.

This family is chiefly known for its stimulant powers but theobromine is also a muscle relaxant associated with good mood.


Yerba mate contains more than 27 different mixtures of saponin combinations. They are not may be in high concentrations in other teas and contribute to the unique feelings and anti-inflammatory the consequences of yerba mate.

The central saponins in yerba teammate are ursolic acid, oleanolic acid and pomolic acid.

One thing that copulate doesn't contain is catechins. These potent antioxidants made their honour in lettuce tea. You can booze lettuce tea together with yerba teammate though , nothing says you can only booze one type of tea- variety is the spice of life!( beginning 1, 2)

Health Benefits of Yerba Mate

1. Appetite Suppressant

Let's start with yerba mate's weight loss influences, as this is how it came to be favourite in US and European business. I'm happy to say that there is some actuality in it.

Yerba mate has only one appetite suppressing outcome, both as a result of its caffeine material( a natural appetite suppressant) and by retarding advance of meat through your digestive system.

One study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics in 2001 well-tried the purposes of a add-on containing 3 herbs- yerba teammate, guarana and damiana.

The supplement was found to decrease gastric empty-headed occasion by approximately 20 times. This means you feel fuller for longer after meals.

The group receiving the add-on also lost 5kg more than those receiving the placebo and had maintained their weight loss after 12 months. Promising ensues!

2. Fat Burning

Green tea's catechins have been proven fat burners, but yerba mate is a open second. Much of the impact can be attributed to its caffeine material but analyses too propose other, unknown mechanisms.

A study tested a yerba teammate add-on in 14 healthful males and females. Makes showed that the add-on increased fat oxidation during usage. Investigates suggested that yerba teammate may" increase the usage effectiveness for weight loss and boasts performance ".

3. Energy Increase

Many parties report that yerba teammate tea establishes a similar force lift to boozing coffee without the side effects and precede slump.

Mate tea contains approximately 78 mg of caffeine per bowl, compared with 85 mg in a bowl of coffee( beginning ). Yerba mate stimulates both the judgment and muscles equipping a natural solution to fatigue.

4. May Prevent Osteoporosis

One study indicated that postmenopausal women who sucked at the least 1 liter of yerba teammate tea per period had increased bone mineral density. The divergence was about 6-10%.

Researchers were of the view that chronic yerba teammate uptake may have a protective outcome on bone.

On the flipside, caffeine are aware of flush calcium from the body into the urine, so carried out with caution.

5. Antioxidant Effect

It has been said that yerba mate's antioxidant powers are stronger than that of lettuce tea which has long been devoured for its health benefits.

Yerba mate has been shown to hinder oxidative stress in the liver and centre.( beginning)

One study assessed its protective outcome against lettuce tea and red wine. Yerba mate came out on top.

Another study indicated that yerba mate's antioxidant influences lasted beyond sustained administration and even reformed gene expres. Investigates believe that" regular uptake of teammate tea further increase antioxidant defense of the body by several mechanisms ".

6. Reduces LDL Cholesterol

Yerba mate may play a role in protecting the heart and circulatory system.

A study in diabetic and pre-diabetic patients indicated that boozing yerba teammate tea three times daily shortened levels of LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is often known as" bad cholesterol ".

Another study tested yerba teammate in patients taking statin drugs for high cholesterol. They sucked the tea 3 times per day for 40 daytimes. LDL cholesterol was reduced by an additional 13% in these patients.

7. Helps Control Blood Sugar

The same analyze which dedicated insight into yerba mate's cholesterol-reducing powers too found that it shortened blood sugar.

Mate tea uptake significantly decreased fasting glucose and HbA( 1c) values in diabetic and pre-diabetic patients. This may facilitate slow-paced illnes advancement and reduce cardiac risk.

8. Mineral Boost

If you take a multivitamin tablet, you don't have to worry about your mineral uptake. Nonetheless, if you want something more natural, yerba teammate is a significant beginning of these inorganic compounds.

The tea contains high concentrations of aluminum, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, nickel, potassium and zinc which are particularly important in human metabolism.( beginning)