starbucks health benefits

starbucks health benefits - Continuing its strategy to stand out as "the employees ", Starbucks announced sweeping changes to its benefits program Monday that will allow U.S. employees to choose from up to six different medical assurance providers instead of one.

The changes go a week after the chocolate firm announced several workplace upgrades, including higher wages for storage workers. Works will also now be able to choose from five high levels of medical coverage and three high levels of dental and eyesight coverage.

The health care progress are unexpected because they come at a time when many companies have cut back on health care to try to control costs.

Starbucks U.S. employees to get at least 5% raise

The company guesses the new alternatives could save individual employees up to $800 a year by being able to choose a more customized design. Works with house coverage could save up to $2,600 a year. Employees who work 20 hours a week or more are eligible for health care coverage, and the changes apply to both storage and corporate works. Starbucks going on in here open enrollment Aug. 1-19, and the new coverage goes into upshot Oct. 1.

Starbucks previously offered only one assurance option, from Blue Cross. The new design tells works choose from Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, United Health and two added regional carriers in certain states.