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manuka honey health benefits - Honey is well-known for its luscious sweet penchant and for its many health benefits. However, there is one type of honey that stands out from the remainder and that is Manuka honey.

Manuka honey is a distinct type of honey and ounce for ounce is much more potent than' regular' honey. In this article, I'm going to look at the many health benefits and uses of Manuka honey and explain to you why Manuka honey is so special.

What is Manuka Honey and How it is Produced

Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand where the Manuka bush proliferates uncultivated. The Manuka bush, is part of the Leptospermum genus of shrubs. The honey is rendered when bees pollinate the flowers on the Manuka bush.

The reason why Manuka honey is distinct is because the bush contains strong antibacterial deepens find mostly in Leptospermum plants1.

Components of Manuka Honey

There are two main components of Manuka honey which impart it many health benefits:

- Hydrogen peroxide, a totally natural antibiotic that is found in all honey.
- Methylglyoxal( MG ). A potent antibiotic combination which is may be in large quantities in Manuka honey.

It is the Methylglyoxal( MG) combination that sets Manuka honey apart from other types of honey. Other the different types of honey do contain some MG but in much less sums. The hydrogen peroxide in honey is not very stable and readily breaks down when exposed to sunrise and hot. MG, on the other pas, is much more stable and doesn't lost something antibacterial properties.

In order to know the percentage of MG in Manuka honey and, therefore, know its absorption of soothing owneds, two laboratories in New Zealand carry out independent measures. They install what is known as the Unique Manuka Factor( UMF ).

What is Unique Manuka Factor( UMF )?

The UMF shows the antibacterial strong of Manuka honey and is directly related to the amount of MG in the honey , not hydrogen peroxide.

In order to get the health benefits of Manuka honey, you should look for a UMF rating of at least 10+. However, for the best therapeutic welfares, you are able to buy Manuka honey with a UMF of at least 16+.

At this point it is worth noting that some honey is sold as Manuka honey, but exclusively contains a bit amount of MG. So, make sure when you purchase Manuka honey that it has the UMF trademark on it with the UMF factor. Also, to be classed as Manuka honey, it has to come from New Zealand.

What is MGO?

Sometimes you may ensure the expression MGO used in place of UMF. The MGO rating also indicates the amount of Methylglyoxal in the honey. Hence, the highest the MGO rating, then the more antibacterial owneds are in the honey. An MGO rating of 100+ is the equivalent to UMF 5+ and MGO 550+ is the same as UMF 15+.

Manuka Honey Consumes and Health Benefits

Let's look at the many uses and health benefits of Manuka honey and how it can be used as a natural therapy for many ailments.

1. Manuka honey has strong antibacterial properties

Honey has been used since ancient times as a topical therapy for wraps and other bark infections.

Scientific research into the soothing owneds of Manuka honey has established that it certainly is a potent antibacterial agent.

For example, Manuka honey has been shown to have 100 times more MG than other conventional honeys2 and effective against 60 genus of bacteria3.

2. Manuka honey for MRSA infection

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus( MRSA) is a bug, which is sometimes known as a hospital super bug. It has developed from the overuse of antibiotics and conventional antibacterial treatments are ineffective.

Research published in The Journal of Applied Bacteriology showed that Manuka honey was able to hinder the growth of the bacteria that causes the MRSA infection4. In fact, when a higher absorption of Manuka honey was abused, it was able to effectively gave the major wound-infecting the different types of bacteria.

The MRSA bug spotlights one trouble coping with the medical community; bacteria are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. Professor Cooper from the University of Wales carried out research on how Manuka honey interacts with bacteria. She found that Manuka honey is facilitate antibiotics be more effective and even change antibiotic resistence5.

3. Manuka honey for strep throat

Strep throat is an infection that shows in a painful and festering throat. The lawsuit of strep throat is bacteria known as Streptococcus pyogenes, also known as group A streptococcus.

It's not just anecdotal proof that point to the fact that Manuka honey can help relieve a absces throat, research has furthermore shown that it can actually heal a absces throat as it can hinder the bacteria making a strep throat6. You can find most natural remedies for strep throat in my previous article.

4. Wound, Burns, and Skin Ulcers

Because of Manuka honey's potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant owneds, it is excellent as a topical therapy for detriment bark and is one of the recommended treatments for minor burns.

Diabetic wraps. Manuka honey can even help people who suffer from diabetic wraps. These wraps are usually much harder to heal because of how diabetes affects their own bodies. In 2014, a study to be undertaken on how honey can help in soothing diabetic wraps. It found that in many cases Manuka honey abbreviated the healing era and killed the illnes in diabetic paw ulcers7.

5. Manuka honey for Stomach Ulcers

One of the root causes gut ulcers is a certain type of bacteria known as H. Pylori. These bacteria are also held liable for other types of gastric questions. Research to demonstrate that Manuka honey contains deepens which are effective against H. Pylori8. You can find more treatments for H.Pylori in my commodity on how to treat H. Pylori naturally.

6. Gastric Problems

An imbalance of bacteria in the gut and intestines and likewise having low-pitched gut battery-acid can cause numerous gastric questions like diarrhea, abdominal aching and loss of stomach. In some disputes this is caused by a condition called Small intestine bacterial overgrowth( SIBO) which is an increase in the number of bacteria, and/ or changes in the different types of bacteria present in the small bowel.

One common factor in these gastric questions is the Clostridium difficile( C. diff ), bacteria. However, an interesting study published in 2013 showed that Manuka honey is effective at considering infections caused by C. diff bacteria9.

7. Irascible Bowel Syndrome( IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease( IBD)

Doctors aren't absolutely sure why people suffer from IBS and IBD, nonetheless, some point to the fact that it could be related to an imbalance of bacteria in the gut.

In clinical tests onto the effect of Manuka honey and IBD, scientists found that Manuka honey reduced inflammation in the colon1 0.

Although no clinical tests have been carried out on Manuka honey and IBS, many people say that it has helped increase their IBS indications. If you suffer from IBS, you can also refer to my commodity about the best natural treatments to alleviate IBS.

8. Gingivitis and Tooth Plaque

The antibacterial owneds of Manuka honey has proven to improve dental health.

For one contest, a special chewable Manuka honey was developed and conference participants munched on this 3 times a day for 10 times. After 21 dates it was found that there was a reduction in tooth plaque and cases of bleeding gums were reduced by half1 1.

For most natural remedies for gingivitis and plaque you are able to read my related articles on how to treat gum illnes naturally and how to remove plaque naturally.

9. Cancer

Clinical tests have also shown that Manuka honey has a positive effect in the treatment of various cancer tumors. The honey was effective in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and likewise proved to increase the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments1 2.

10. Manuka honey for shingles

Because Manuka honey is an effective antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory topical therapy for bark questions, it is also good for considering shingles.

One study showed that both Manuka and clover honey, were able to treat the virus that induces shingles1 3. For more information on that study, you are able to read my commodity on how to treat shingles with Manuka and clover honey.

It demonstrates clearly that Manuka honey has many health benefits when it comes to treating maladies that are caused by inflaming and bacterial infections.