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health benefits of vodka - Something akin to what we now know as vodka firstly is contained in Poland in the 11 th century. Announced gorzalka, the vodka prototypes were used as prescriptions. By 1534, a pamphlet on herbs claimed that vodka could provide" to increase fertility and awaken lust ." Hot diggity!

Although countless still indulge in the "medicinal" benefits of a martini, vodka has a surprising array of alternative usages that can save money and be kinder to the planet than the coarse chemicals it can stand in for. And with so many usages, it utters gumption to have one bottle of vodka rather than array of otherwise specific products.

So just what can the versatile vodka do around the house?

1. Febreze without the guilt
If you douse your robes and dwelling with Febreze to remove odor, you can do the same with vodka...but without the cyclodextrin, and without supporting a company that tests on animals.( I'm talking to you, Proctor& Gamble .) The booze in vodka kills bacteria which case odor, and vodka is mostly odorless, as far as guzzle vanishes. Spritz your robes and hang them in a well-ventilated chamber.( As with any natural relieve, sp0t-test first .)

2. Obstruct trim heydays fresh
If you're going to have fresh-cut heydays working hard to brighten up your decor, establish some friendlines and give them a little drink. Various droops of vodka and a large pinch of sugar added to the irrigate in your bud vase, changed daily, stunts ethylene make and will extend the vitality of bouquet.

3. Shoo flies, and other pests
I couldn't mischief a control, or any other living thing. Except...if something is biting and sucking the blood from their own children, mamma accept swoops in and vanishes medieval. DEET is persona non grata in my neck of the woods, and I wouldn't own a can of Raid if you paid me. But a spray bottle of vodka? Sure. Use it to scatter directly at the offenders, it can also be used on your surface as a repellant.
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4. Calm the stinging of sea creatures
The pain of jellyfish and light bites is magically vanished with flesh tenderizers( the enzymes that work to break down meat's proteins also break down the bite operators in the toxin ). But if you find yourself at the beach with vodka instead of flesh tenderizer( and who doesn't ?)- it can help alleviate the swipe those bites can pack. Douse the area with vodka.( And...have a shot while you're at it ?)

5. Pass your fuzz some life
Vodka can do people luxuriant and bouncy, and can do the same for your fuzz. Add an ounce to your bottle of shampoo and use as you typically do. It helps to break down the oil build-up that they are able do your fuzz droll.

6. Remove laundry stains
Treat tenacious blots with a sprinkle of vodka and some elbow grease, then launder as usual.

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7. Make lavender ironing water
Forget about scented fabric softener for smell, is just like a cool French granny and use lavender ironing irrigate instead. Mix 3 ounces of 90 -proof vodka and 12 droops of pure lavender crucial oil and let is participating in 24 hours. Then add 12 ounces of purified irrigate and whirl together. Supermarket in the fridge until it loses its odor, around 6 weeks.

8. Get rid of unloved plants
Also known as weeds( poverty-stricken, misunderstood things )- if you've got them and don't want them, vodka can kill them. Vodka onslaughts broad-leaf weeds, like dandelions, chickweed, by breaking down their protective coverings which leads to lethal dehydration. Fill a scatter bottle with an ounce of vodka, a few drops of liquid dish soap, and two goblets of irrigate. Spraying on weeds, in the sunlight, and wilt apart they are able to.( Or, buck current trends and love your weeds! Accompany Eating Dandelions .)

9. Quash mold and mildew
Like vinegar, vodka going to be able to fighting tenacious molding and mildew blots in the shower. Scatter it on discoloured caulk, let it sit for 30 instants, and bush with a brush.

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10. Wash your speak out
With homemade mouthwash: Boil 6 ounces of irrigate and 2 ounces of vodka together. Add in 4 teaspoons of liquid glycerin and 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gelatin. Remove from heat and let refrigerate. When cooled, add 10-15 droops of Spearmint oil and shake the entire concoction together well.

11. Start a tincture
You can make a tincture of botanicals and vodka to use topically for a number of ailments or surroundings. Fill a jar with a handful of heydays/ roots/ buds and top with vodka.

12. Ease a deadly ivy rash
Urushiol oil, the pesky component of deadly ivy and deadly oak, results most to an agonizing rash. Before the rash sets in, vodka is also possible moved directly on the skin where contact appeared to minimize the gravity of what's to come. Scratching booze will work too.

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13. Reflect your shiny things
Who necessitates sift chrome-cleaner, glass-cleaner, and porcelain-cleaner when a jaunt to the liquid locker can attack all three fabrics at once? Lessen a cloth with vodka, scratch, back in the shine.

14. Unstick sticky stickers
I bet 9 out of 10 of you save glass containers and reuse them. How many of you cringe at the gummy label adhesive that clings to glass like a manic starfish?( Or is that time me ?) Vodka to the rescue. Dab a scouring sponge with some vodka, bush, cleanse with some liquid dish soap , no more sticky ugh.