health benefits of red onion

health benefits of red onion - Benefits of Red Onion for Health- Flora of red-faced onions have the technical appoint( Allium ascalonicum L ). is a plant that is commonly used for fix cloths. Frequently red-faced onion is often used as seasoning are mixed with other spices. But whether you already know the health benefits of red-faced onion. It turns out in addition be available in a spice in fix, red-faced onion floras can also used only for torso state. So what are the health benefits of red-faced onion? Well to be determined what the advantage of red-faced onion, you can continue to read below. The following are the benefits for the health of red-faced onion crop.

Benefits of Red Onion for Health

1. Able to control cholesterol levels

Red onion was able to control cholesterol elevations. It was thanks to the amino acid material and methyl allyl sulfide in red-faced onion, which is able to reduce bad cholesterol( LDL ). Red onions likewise can lower bad cholesterol( LDL) and increase good cholesterol( HDL ).

2. Can cope with constipation

Shallots can also to be removed constipation. It was thanks to the fiber material in the onions, which serves to help remove tough meat particles and toxins in the gut. If you have constipation, you can use fresh onion to overcome your constipation.

3. Can frustrate cancer

Red onions likewise can frustrate cancer, it is because red-faced onions contain sulfur compounds, and sulfur material in red-faced onions may keep their own bodies from lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and others.

4. May lower the risk of diabetes

Red onions likewise can lower the risk of diabetes. If diabetics spend lots of fresh red-faced onion, can increase the production of insulin, so for diabetics, it is suitable for eating fresh red-faced onion.

5. Can keep the heart

Red onions can also protect the heart. By eating fresh onion on a regular basis can reduce the risk of coronary cardiac infarction. And fresh onion can also limitation blood pressure and control the blocked artery.

6. Can cope with hemorrhoids

Red onions likewise can cope with hemorrhoids. Harmonizing experiment fresh red-faced onion, has benefits to reduce pain in the rectum and can stop bleeding is generated by hemorrhoids. You can spend red-faced onion three times a day for your hemorrhoids.

7. Can cope with scalp infections

Benefits rings likewise can Overcome the infection on the scalp. By regularly eating fresh onion, can overcome scalp illness, such as fungal illness, Reviews These illness can damage the mane and can cause hair loss. In add-on, red-faced onion can also open the blocked holes of the mane follicles.

It comes red-faced onion interest very much for state, the committee is also is not vary often with the benefits of garlic. Hopefully this information can be useful to you- Benefits of Red Onion for Health