health benefits of pizza

health benefits of pizza - This is just the apologize you've been looking for. Check out the astonishing health benefits of pizza: Pizza is fairly high in calories and fat, and a lot of its calories come from the white flour layer, but don't let that get you down. We reply focus on the positive, like some of the actual health benefits of pizza that make it worth grabbing a slice( but, perhaps dab the petroleum with a napkin ):

1 Fights cancer -- Hard to believe it, but it's true! Study to realize that people who eat pizza more than two times per week had a 59% lower probability of developing esophageal cancer, 34% lower peril of throat cancer, and 26% lower peril of colon cancer. This is due to the extremely high lycopene content of pizza. Lycopene is found in tomatoes, but mainly in stewed/ cooked tomatoes. The tomato sauce used for the pizza is very rich in these antioxidants, which have been proven quite effective against many forms of cancer.

2 Rich in antioxidants -- Aside from the lycopene in the tomato sauce, all broiled wheat products contain a lot of antioxidants. Chicago-style deep saucer pizza is particularly rich in antioxidants, as it has a thicker layer and expends more time in the oven. The increased baking time increases the antioxidant properties of the pizza by as much as 82% in some cases! Definitely a good way to get more antioxidants, right?

3 It realizes lycopene absorption easier -- When you eat a raw tomato, there is very little lycopene in it. Stewing/ cooking the tomatoes increases the lycopene material, but lycopene is a bit hard for your intestines to absorb. Unless you supplement fat to the equation. Let's say you placed cheese on your pizza, and abruptly your intestines have a much simpler season sucking all that lycopene. Definitely the way to go!

4 Boost calcium intake -- Did you know that pizza is a great generator of calcium? There's cheese in every slice, and the fat ingested along with the calcium realizes it easier for your mas to absorb. When you supplement more calcium to your diet, you activate your body's natural fat burning furnace and ensure that it has what it needs to send the calcium right to your bones!

5 Increase protein intake -- Make sure your pizza has the right toppings, and you'll get a lot of protein in your food. Cheese is an excellent generator of protein, although it was does contain a fat as well. There are a variety of lean-protein top selections out there as well, and the Italians are known to fracture raw eggs over their pizza!

If you're serious about your health and still want to eat pizza, it's best to opt for the thin layer substance. Thick crust pizza is very heavy on the white flour and dough, and can be achieved through blood sugar sways, excess calorie intake, and weight addition. When saw the right, old fashioned road with fresh, natural ingredients, pizza can be a very healthy food-not to mention one of the most savory meals on the planet!