health benefits of jicama

health benefits of jicama - The jicama( Pachyrhizus erosus) is the plant's edible tuberous spring and the appoint of a native Mexican vine. The root's exterior is yellowed and paper-like while the inside is peaches-and-cream white-hot with a crispy texture that resembles raw potato or pear.

Here are 7 health benefits of jicama:

1. Jicamas could improve the immune structure.

One serving of jicama contains 40 percentage of vitamin C. Vitamin C could provoke the immune structure to render white blood cells, which are the body's first primary indication of justification against illness.

2. Jicamas can fight against cancer.

Jicama contains carotenoids and vitamin C to oppose free radicals that frustrate the mutant of healthy cells.

3. Jicamas can help one develop strong bones.

The manganese, magnesium, iron, and copper found in jicama play an essential role in building strong, new bones and healing any damage to existing bones. "Its also" the best way to prevent ailments like osteoporosis.

4. Jicamas can assist weight loss.

Jicamas are low-calorie, and nutrient-rich, efficient weight loss diet means. High-fiber nutrients too furnish the metabolism and assist finagle body weight. One hundred grams of jicama contain only 38 calories.

5. Jicamas can improve brain function.

Jicamas are full of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 has been linked to increased brain function and cognitive abilities, and jicama has this vitamin is significant amounts. Additionally, vitamin B6 is essential for breaking down proteins into useful amino acids and other means of protein for humans.

6. Jicamas can help manage blood pressure.

Jicamas are a rich informant of potassium to improve self-control blood pressure. Since it is a vasodilator and increases the tension on blood vessels and veins, jicamas lowering the stress on the cardiovascular structure.

7. Jicamas can help improve gastrointestinal lot.

Jicamas contain the oligofructose inulin, which is prebiotic. Prebiotics are the non-digestible fiber that stimulates the increment and undertaking of profitable bacteria that colonize the great bowel by acting as a substrate for them.