health benefits of cocoa powder

health benefits of cocoa powder - Chocolate may not be considered the healthiest of menus, but cocoa is one of the world's longest recognised super menus. Cocoa contains many advantageous compounds, from antioxidants to ability and torso improving nutrients. Cocoa is much more than precisely a bedtime sip, so speak on and find out more about the many and fabulous health benefits that cocoa has to offer:

1. Cocoa contains more antioxidants than lettuce tea

When people think of a sip that contains antioxidants, they will usually think up lettuce tea or red wine. It may come as a surprise then, to find out that cocoa contains more than twice the amount of antioxidants as does red wine and up to three times that of lettuce tea.

2. Cocoa is a great beginning of magnesium

Especially good for menstruating maids, cocoa contains magnesium, which is known to reduce agitated friction and premenstrual friction. Magnesium too shortens the risk of you developing blood clots.

3. A beaker of sizzling cocoa is far better than a forbid of chocolate!

The reason why chocolate goes such a bad press is not the cocoa, but all the saturated fatty and sugar that it contains. Imbibe a beaker of sizzling cocoa and you will get all the benefits, without all the fat.

4. It helps you think better

Researches indicated that cocoa can make you think more clearly. The flavonoids that cocoa contains increase the blood move to the ability and be enhanced your absorption and the precision of your thinking.

5. It is good for your heart

Cocoa contains a significant amount of polyphenols, which investigates have proved can reduce blood pressure and increase the health of the heart.

6. It shortens stress

The ability of cocoa to allay a person down has been understood for centuries. In 17 th century, in France, cocoa have allowed us to clam' fits of exasperation and bad attitudes '. No meditate it offsets such a great bedtime sip!

7. Cocoa is an anti-inflammatory

A study, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that 40 grams of cocoa a daytime, exhausted for 4 weeks, could shorten inflaming in their own bodies and help to prevent veins from clogging.

8. It gives you a raise of energy

Cocoa, wino in the mornings, can give you an energy raise, which is comparable to chocolate, but without the precede energy crash that chocolate can cause, when the effects of the caffeine wear off.

9. It contains simply healthy fats

Unlike chocolate, cocoa itself contains a variety of healthy solids, including oleic acid, which is the same fatty acid that is may be in olive oil. Research to demonstrate that ingesting cocoa and dark chocolate is decrease the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

10. It can help you lose weight

Scientists believe that there is a connection between sensibility to insulin and obesity. Eating cocoa beans can improve your sensibility to insulin, which may be an aid to people who are trying to lose weight.