health benefits of clams

health benefits of clams - Clams are mollusks popular for their chewy quality and salty ocean feeling. But clams are also nutrient thick-witted, containing countless vitamins and minerals. Clams are considered a lean protein hand-picked because they are low in overweight but still jam-pack a lot of protein and iron.

Varieties of clams are received all over "the worlds" but most of the ones you are buying are clams that are burrow up from sandy colder irrigate coastal areas. These little mollusks do not have a mentality but some can dig up to an inch per second. Fresh clams should be alive when purchased and have a slight ocean fresh flavor. Shells should be tightly shut, or close up when tap. Open husks has noted that the clam has already died.

Nutritional Value of Clams

3 oz dishing of fresh clams

- Calories: 63
- Protein: 11 g/ 22% DV
- Fats: 1g/ 1% DV
- Omega -3 fatty battery-acids: 168 mg
- Carbohydrates: 2g/ 1% DV
- Iron: 12 mg/ 66% DV
- Vitamin B1 2: 42.0 mcg/ 700% DV
- Selenium: 20.7 mcg/ 30% DV
- Manganese: 0.4 mg/ 21% DV
- Vitamin C: 11.1 mg/ 18% DV

* Be aware that fresh clams have a higher nutritional price than canned clams.

Health Benefits of Clams

- Clams are high are high in countless vitamins and minerals including selenium, manganese, vitamin C, B 12, copper, phosphorus, and riboflavin.
- Clams have an Amino Acid Score of 106, indicating that it is a terminated/ high quality protein, essential for build and repairing muscles and tissue.
- A single protein dishing( 3 ounces) of fresh clams adds 2/3 of the amount of iron you need in a day, plus the vitamin C in the clams helps you better absorb the iron! Iron is an integral part of oxygen haul in red blood cells and for the relevant procedures in your cadres that shape vitality. Fatigue and anemia result from low-spirited iron diets.
- High levels of B 12 are also present in clams. B12 is another vitamin that is needed for drawing DNA and insisting nerve operate. If you have a B12 deficiency, you can develop megaloblastic anemia which can shape you feel tired and weak. Often you find Iron and B 12 dearths with similar side effects.

Recipe Ideas with Clams

- Clams can be eaten fresh, steamed, evaporated, roasted or fried, try cooking hot stones and seaweed like in a New England clam bake.
- Clam chowder is always a popular hand-picked or try a bisque or Manhattan-style chowder.
- Try clams as the protein root to a variety of your pasta recipes, they can be cooked in red sauce, lily-white sauce or pan-seared in olive oil for fresh vegetable pasta primavera.
- Try substance peppers or mushrooms with breading, vegetables and clams.
- Instead of pasta, try a clam risotto, the salty finish will compute flavor to your rice.
- Examine up recipes for hot and cold clam troughs, for a popular defendant treat.