cashews health benefits

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cashews health benefits - The cashew tree is native to Brazil, where its fruit is considered a subtlety. In the 16 th century, the Portuguese introduced them to India and some African countries, where they are now too flourished. What we call the cashew nut is actually the grain of this result. Cashews are rich in cast-iron, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium and zinc. They are also good new sources of phytochemicals, antioxidants, and protein.

Here are seven health benefits of cashews.

Cancer Prevention
Cashews are ripe with proanthocyanidins, a class of flavanols that is really starve tumors and stop cancer cells from subdividing. Analyzes have also had indicated that cashews can reduce your colon cancer peril. Their high copper content too gives the grain with the power to eliminate free radicals and they are also good new sources of phytochemicals and antioxidants that protect us from heart disease and cancer.

Heart Health
Cashews have a lower fatty content than most other nuts and most of it is in the form of oleic battery-acid, the same heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty found in olive oil. Subject show that oleic acid promotes good cardiovascular state by helping to reduce triglyceride stages, high levels of which are associated with an increased risk for cardiac infarction. Cashews are wonderfully cholesterol free and their high antioxidant content cures lower peril of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease. The magnesium in cashews cures lower blood pressure and cures foreclose heart attacks.

Hair and Skin Health
Cashews are rich in the mineral copper. An essential component of countless enzymes, copper represents its part in a expansive regalium of manages. One copper-containing enzyme, tyrosinase, proselytizes tyrosine to melanin, which is the pigment that passes fuzz and bark its colour. Without the copper cashews are so inexhaustible in, these enzymes would not be able to do their jobs.

Bone Health
Cashews are especially rich in magnesium. It's a well-known fact that calcium is necessary for strong bones, but magnesium is as well. Most of the magnesium in the human body is in our bones. Some of it helps give bones their physical structure, and the remainder is located on the surface of the bone where it is accumulated for their own bodies to utilization as it needs. Copper found in cashews is vital for the gathering of enzymes to participate in compounding collagen and elastin, plying element and opennes in bones and joints.

Good for the Nerves
By frustrating calcium from racing into nerve cells and triggering them, magnesium restrains our guts loosened and thereby our blood vessels and muscles more. Too little magnesium means too much calcium can obtain entering to the nerve cell, compelling it to send too many letters, and leading to too much contraction.

Insufficient magnesium leads to higher blood pressure, muscle strain, migraine headaches, soreness and tirednes. Not astonishingly, learns have demonstrated that magnesium cures abate the frequency of migraine onslaughts, lowers blood pressure and facilitate foreclose heart attacks.

Prevent Gallstones
Data collected on 80,718 females from the Nurses' Health Study demonstrates that women who eat at least an ounce of nuts every week, such as cashews, have a 25% lower peril of developing gallstones.

Weight Loss
People who feed nuts twice a few weeks are much less likely to gain weight than those who rarely eat nuts. Cashew nuts are indeed relatively high in fatty, but it is considered" good fatty ." This is attributable to the ideal fatty fraction in the nut, 1:2: 1 for saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated, respectively, which is recommended by scientists for tip-top state. Cashew nuts contain less fatty than most other favourite nuts, including peanuts, pecans, almonds and walnuts. They are thick-witted in force and high in dietary fiber, stirring them a very valuable snack for managing weight gain.