beet juice health benefits

beet juice health benefits - Packed with health-boosting nutrients, beets may be the brand-new spinach. The beet is a nutrient-rich root vegetable accessible year-round. Red beets are the most common diversity, but you also might come across gilded beets, and white and pink Chioggia beets.

Blood Pressure Benefits

Researchers found that sucking beet liquor lowers high blood pressure within one day, according to a study published in "Hypertension" in 2010. The subject generators concluded that beet liquor is just as effective as taking the prescription drug nitrate in lowering high blood pressure. Beet juice contains the compound nitrate, which is responsible for beet juice's beneficial effects. It improves blood flow by distending blood vessels and relaxing smooth muscle, which translates into abbreviated blood pressure.

Brain Booster

A study by researchers published in 2010 in" Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry ," found that when the elderly participates drank beet liquor, they increased the blood flow to their mentality. Harmonizing to the researchers, particular regions of the mentality receive less blood flow as you senility. Less blood flow symbolizes fewer nutrients and less oxygen, which translates into mental decline.

Stamina Step-Up

A study published in the in 2009 in the" Journal of Applied Physiology ," found that participants cycled 2 percent longer after sucking beet liquor than they did with the placebo. The nitrate material may abbreviate the amount of oxygen required during effort, which keeps exertion, according to BBC News.


Nutrient-rich beet juice contains high levels of iron that obliges oxygen to red blood cells, and plies the body with oxygen. Beet juice is particularly beneficial as a anemia remedy for children and boys, according to naturopath H.K. Bakhru, writer of" Foods That Heal ."