health benefits of octopus

health benefits of octopus - Octopus is a eerie glancing sea individual that countless parties don't want to try simply because it doesn't examine especially tasty

It is extremely popular part of Mediterranean cuisine and it is considered one of the delicacies.It is also very expensive in numerous restaurants.The biggest problem of dining octopus( besides its seeks) is the fact that it needs to be prepared by someone who knows what he is doing.If you don't follow the standard procedure, octopus meat will usually be tough to munch and not worthwhile at all.On the other paw, if you do it right , is not simply that you will enjoy its delicacy, but you are able to also know that you are eating healthful menu.

Omega -3

Octopus is famous for large quantities of healthy Omega -3 fatty acids.They are responsible for reducing the chance of get any sort of illness including heart attack and stroke.They also improve your entire cardiovascular system and improve cognitive functions

Low fat

Octopus is great because it contains very low amounts of saturated fats.This means that it can be a great option for someone who want to lose weight or someone who simply wants to keep being fit. 100 grams of octopus has only 160 calories.Another advantage is that octopus contains countless healthful nutrients.


Octopus is actually filled with healthful protein.You can find 30 grams of protein in simply 100 grams of octopus.This determines octopus a good hand-picked even for someone who want to build muscle and for someone who regularly calls the gym.Protein will make sure that your muscles flourish and regenerate.


Octopus is literally fitted with iron.Only 100 grams will be enough to satisfy more that 50% of recommended daily iron intake.Iron is a mineral who has responsibility for transposing oxygen to your cells.

Other vitamins and minerals

Octopus also contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, selenium and vitamin B12.


The only thing that is not perfect with dining octopus is the fact that it contains much of cholesterol. 100 grams of octopus has over 30% of daily recommended quantity of cholesterol.If you stick to the normal quantity, you don't have to worry.