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health benefits of cycling - Cycling has many benefits, from saving you money on fuel or modes of public transport, to helping the environment by reducing contamination. Our focus is on the innumerable health benefits of this highly accessible play, and because cycling is recreation, you might not even realise how much you're doing for your person and attention. We spoke to Andrew Dunn, cycling supporter and orthopaedic surgeon at BMI St Edmunds Hospital, to get the facts about the health benefits of getting on your bike.

1. Improve your cardiovascular fitness

Cycling directs just about every muscle in the body, including the heart. By cycling uphill, fast or time at a quicker speed than you might on a leisurely Sunday bike ride, you will lower your blood pressure. This reduces damage put one over the heart, in turn reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease. Cycling, like any form of aerobic employ, increases the presence of good cholesterol in the body, whose profession it is to vehicle flab away from routes. Some suggestion suggests that employ' may increase high levels of bad LDL cholesterol that they are able chassis fatty lodges in the routes and contribute to heart disease' 1.

2. Reduce stress levels

Riding a motorcycle can be entertaining! Not merely does activity start your person to display joyful hormones( endorphins ), but it's a great way to forget about the sources of your stress while at the same period coming fit.

3. Burn fat and calories

Cycling is a really great way to burn fat and calories, whether you're looking to maintain your heavines or descend a few pounds. Cycling at a steady speed scorches around 300 calories an hour. While cycling for half an hour each day would imply burning nearly 11 pounds of flab in a year. And the benefits aren't time confined to the time you're actually pedalling, but for a long time after you've got off your motorcycle. This is because it improves your metabolic frequency. Andrew Dunn illustrates:" For illustration, someone who weighs 80 kg( 12 st 9lbs) will burn more than 650 calories with an hour's cycling ."

4. Be active but amiable on joints

Unlike running, which is a high impact form of employ, cycling is unbelievably amiable on joints ." I experience a large number of patients who have severe osteoarthritis of their trendies or knees and find high impact the different types of employ challenging and agonizing ," says Andrew Dunn.

" Cycling is a very safe space for them to remain physically active without aggravating their agonizing arthritic joints. In fact, a large number of cases notice an improvement in their arthritis manifestations if they increase the atmosphere and forte in the muscles around a agonizing arthritic joint ."

Cycling is often used in plays injury clinics as part of reclamation and physiotherapy curricula as a safe space designed to strengthen muscle strength.
Pedal power

5. Improve muscle tone and forte in the legs

Pedal power is an intense workout for your legs. The more cycling you do, the stronger your legs will inspect and experience. You'll notice this increased forte in everything you do, from climbing stairs to running around the park with "their childrens" or grandchildren.

6. Run the upper person, too

While cycling is clearly superb employ for your legs, when you go up mounds or over rough area," 70% of your person weight going on in here the saddle and handlebars, rather than your trendies, knees and ankles", says Mr Dunn. So you get a great workout for your upper body.

7. Helps to fight off common health conditions, and perhaps lower jeopardy of developing some cancers

Research carried out in Finland found that beings cycling for 30 times or more per epoch had a 40% lower jeopardy of developing diabetes. Other experiment carried out in the US and around the world shows that' adults who increase their physical activity, either in severity, period, or frequency, can reduce their risk of developing colon cancer by 30 to 40% relative to those who are sedentary, regardless of person mass indicator' 2. There's also convincing experiment had demonstrated that you can reduce your risk of developing breast cancer by taking regular employ. The results of studies diversify, but show that health risks could be reduced by between 20 and 80% 2.

8. Builds stamina

As with any form of employ, the more frequently you hertz the longer you'll be able to go for before you feel tired. Building stamina is not only really great for your overall fitness, but it also gives a sense of personal accomplishment, which is important for good mental health.

9. Helps engaged depression

The effects of depression are different for everyone, but what's common in all those who suffer is that the liberate of endorphins can be very beneficial. Cycling is a great way to increase the endorphins in your person, becoming you feel happier and more positive.
Cycling on road

10. Healthy mode of transport, for you and the environment

Once you've bought a motorcycle( and helmet ), you've got access to free and entirely lettuce vehicle. And instead of being sedentary in the car, or on a bus or teach, you'll move further, coming fit and manner up. So it's acquire, acquire for cyclists, the environment and world bank balance.

The first leg of the Tour de France starts on 2nd July, 2016, during one of the UK's brightest month. Now's the excellent is necessary to take over cycling or upping the amount you already do.

Andrew Dunn am of the opinion that" if adults, aged 19-64, do two or more hours a few weeks of steady cycling, they'll be becoming big steps towards improving their health and wellbeing ". What are you waiting for? Get on your motorcycle!