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health benefits of black seed oil - Nigella sativa, commonly known as Black Cumin, Black Seed, or Black Cumin Seed is native to south Asia( R ). Black Cumin seed has been used in Middle Eastern folk medicine as a natural panacea for numerous infections for over 2000 years( R ).

" Use Black seed regularly, since it is a heal for every infection except death"( Prophet Muhammad)( R ), and its many applications have earned Black Cumin the Arabic approbation" The Anointed Seed"( R ).

Raw seeds, seed lubricant, or seed remove have been used alone or in combination with other parts, as a traditional remedy in the treatment of various health conditions, such as eczema, coughing, headache, diabetes, asthma, illnes, and hypertension( R ).

Due to its miraculous power of healing, Black Cumin has got the place amongst the top ranked ground located herbal drugs( R ).

Most of the therapeutic belongings of Black Cumin seed are due to the presence of Thymoquinone which is a major bio active constituent( 30% -48%) of the essential lubricant( R ).

Traditional Uses

Black Cumin" encourages the body's vigor" and facilitates recover from tirednes and "disspiritedness"( R ).

Its immune system boosting belongings serve as a natural, safe way to improve defiance against illness( R ).

1) Black Cumin Oil is an Anti-Oxidant

Black Cumin lubricant appears to have antioxidant belongings( R) and inhibits Reactive Oxygen Species( ROS)( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant weakened the PTZ( Pentylenetetrazol) encouraged oxidative injury in the mouse brain material( R ).

Black Cumin seeds regenerated the program activities of red cell antioxidant enzymes in infected mice( with malarial parasite Plasmodium yoelli)( R ).

2) Black Seed is an Anti-Inflammatory

Black Cumin seed( Thymoquinone) has anti-inflammatory belongings and is good for both Th1 and Th2 dominance.

In mouse microglial cadres, Thymoquinone hugely hindered pro-inflammatory cytokines including IL-6, IL-1b, IL-12( Th1 cytokine ), Growth Colony Stimulating Factor( G-CSF ), and pro-inflammatory chemokine's such as MCP -5, IP-10, and MCP -1( R ).

It hushes the production of Nitric oxide by macrophages( R) and restraint NF-kB( NF-kappa B)( R ).

3) Black Cumin Oil is Anti-Anxiety and Anti-Depressant

Black Cumin seeds have demonstrated that to stabilize humor, reduction distres and be enhanced cognition in teenage human males( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant( Thymoquinone) exerts anti-anxiety belongings in mice( R) and may be a useful choice for the treatment of distres( R ).

It may also have an anti-depressant and anti-fatigue effect in mice sits( R ).

Black Cumin seed declines the program activities of the nervous system( R ).

Anti-anxiety belongings of Black cumin oil appear to be due to increasing GABA( R ).

4) Black Seed Extract Enhances Memory

Black Cumin seed enhances retention, attending and cognition( R ).

Black Cumin seed remove( 500 mg) twice daily over the course of nine weeks in otherwise healthy elderly persons improved retention( R ).

5) Black Seed Helps Digestion

Roasted Black seeds are given internally to stop retch( R ).

A tincture braced from the seeds is useful for indigestion, loss of craving, diarrhea, dropsy, amenorrhoea and dysmenorrhoea( R ).

6) Black Cumin Seed Causes Weight Loss

Black Cumin seed is traditionally recommended as an anti-obesity agent( R ).

Significant weight loss was seen in males with obesity. They too experienced a reduction in craving( R ).

7) Black Seed Protects the Gut

Black Cumin seed appears to have anti-ulcer belongings against Heliobacter pylori( R ).

Black Cumin seed and Thymoquinone could partly shield stomach mucosa in rats( from acute booze encouraged mucosal injury)( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant has significantly reduced the severity of intestinal damage in rats( with necrotizing colitis)( R ).

8) Black Cumin Oil Potently Fights Infections

Black Cumin seed extract inhibited the growth of Staphylococcus aureus( R ).

Black Cumin seed was effective against clinical isolates of MRSA( methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus)( R ).

Black Cumin seeds possess anti H. pylori undertaking( R ).

Gram negative isolates were more affected than the Gram positive ones( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant( Thymoquinone) avoided the formation of "Biofilm"( R ).

Black Cumin seed( Thymohydroquinone and Thymoquinone) possessed significant anti-fungal undertaking( R ).

Methanolic extracts of Black Cumin seed have the strongest anti-fungal effect against Candida albicans( R ).

Water extracts evidenced no anti-fungal undertaking( R ).

The defensins( Ns-D1 and Ns-D2) displayed strong anti-fungal undertaking towards a number of phytopathogenic fungu( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant have effectively protection against mold( aflatoxicosis) in rats( R ). This may help people with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.


Black Cumin seed was able to reduce viral quantity in persons with Hepatitis C( R ).

Black Cumin seed demonstrates how antiviral belongings against virulent laryngotracheitis virus( R ).

It's effective against cytomegalovirus virus( CMV) in mice( R ).


Black Cumin seeds may be a good therapeutic agent against Plasmodium infection in malaria( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant may play a role against these modifications caused by S. mansoni illnes in mice( R ).

Black Cumin seeds are effective against Schistosoma mansoni, miracidia, cercariae, and adult insects( R ).

9) Black Seed Oil Fights Histamine Intolerance and CIRS

Black Cumin lubricant( Nigellone) has effective anti-histamine undertaking( R ).

Black Cumin seed( Thymoquinone) appears to inhibit the handout of histamine from Mast cadres( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant is also effective in protection against mold( aflatoxicosis) in rats( R ). This may help people with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.

10) Black Seed Boosts the Immune System

Oral ingestion of Black Cumin seeds improves the capacities of macrophages to destroy aggressors( R ).

Black Seed extract increased Natural Killer cell cytotoxicity to tumor cadres( R ).

Black Cumin seed was able to increase secretion of IL-3 from lymphocytes( R ).

11) Anticancer Effects of Black Cumin Oil

Black Cumin lubricant exerts potent inhibitory consequences on rat tumor increase and cadre proliferation( R ).

Black Cumin seed and its ingredients register a vital role in the restrain of cancer via inactivation and activation of time I and II detox genes( R ).

Liver Cancer

Black Cumin seed( Thymoquinone) was effective in analyse liver cancer in rats( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant( Thymoquinone) may be a useful in analyse cancer caused by chemicals and toxicity in liver cancer( R ).

Bladder cancer

Black Cumin lubricant( Thymoquinone) has anti-tumor consequences on bladder cancer( R ).

Cervical cancer

Black Cumin seed( Thymoquinone) appears to be toxic towards cervical squamous carcinoma cadres( SiHA)( R ).

Bone cancer

Black Cumin seed( Thymoquinone) demo effective anti tumor and anti-angiogenic the actions of osteosarcoma( R ).

Breast cancer

Black Cumin seed( Thymoquinone) may have possible connection in breast cancer prevention and treatment( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant evidenced a protective role in mammary carcinoma( R ).

Stomach cancer

Black Cumin seed( Thymoquinone) persuasion killing of stomach cancer cadres( R ).

12) Black Seed Can Shield Against Heart Disease

Black Cumin seed paid attention to rats was able to improve the improvement of middle material following injury( ischemia/ reperfusion)( R ).

The seeds may be beneficial in the treatment of high-pitched cholesterol( R ).

Seed powder dispensed to beings with high-pitched cholesterol was found to reduce the total cholesterol and triglycerides( R ).

Daily use of seed extract for to two months may lower blood pressure in patients with mild Hypertension( HT)( R ).

Black Cumin seed( Thymoquinone) increased hardening of the veins from high-pitched cholesterol( R ).

13) Black Cumin Seed Increases Testosterone

Black Cumin seed remove has been noted to increase testosterone concentrations following oral ingestion( R ).

Rats established seed lubricant failed to significantly increase testosterone( R ).

14) Black Cumin Helps Asthma, Rhinitis and Breathing

Boiled extract of the seeds was able to significantly improve all asthmatic manifestations( R ).

Asthmatic manifestations have been improved in persons who suffer from allergic asthma( R ).

Components of Black Cumin lubricant appear to have lung enhance( bronchodilatory) belongings( R ).

Boiled extract of seeds was able to significantly improve respiratory function in chemical fighting scapegoats with impaired respiratory purpose( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant increased manifestations of rhinitis( itching, leading nose, sneezing and congestion)( R ).

15) Black Seed is Anti-Diabetic

Black Cumin seed is highly recommended among practitioners of traditional remedy for analyse diabetes.

The seed extract was able to increase insulin release in diabetic rodents( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant has a significant the actions of diabetic and high-pitched cholesterol patients( R ).

Most of the anti-diabetic belongings are due to the activation of AMPK( R ).

16) Black Cumin Seed is Neuroprotective

Thymoquinone and other components of Black cumin seed may be neuroprotective( R ).

An extract of Black Cumin seed displayed neuroprotective consequences by lessening the program activities of the nervous system( R ).

17) Black Cumin Seed is a Natural Pain Killer

Black Cumin seeds appear to have analgesic belongings in mice( R ).

18) Thymoquinone Helps Osteoporosis and Arthritis

Black Cumin lubricant( Thymoquinone) has shown potential anti-osteoporotic consequences( R ).

Black Cumin seed( Thymoquinone) has been effective in rheumatoid arthritis( R ).

Significant reductions in joint pain and swelling as well as morning stiffness in affected joints were noted( R ).

19) Black Seed is Helpful For Eczema and Skin Conditions

Black Cumin lubricant is effective in the treatment of insects and skin explosions( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant has been used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and boils( R ).

20) Black Seed Protects the Kidneys and Prevents Kidney Stones

Black Cumin seeds have been traditionally used for the treatment and prevention of kidney stones( R ).

Evidence in rats suggest relatively potent anti-kidney stone belongings( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant was effective against gentamycin kidney toxicity( R ).

Seed extract had protective act against kidney injury( ischemia)( R ).

21) Black Cumin Oil is an Antiseptic

Externally the Black cumin oil can impede the spread of infections on the scalp and too alleviate tendernes( R ).

22) Black Cumin Oil For Male Fertility

Black Cumin lubricant increased sperm motility, morphology and sperm absorption in mice( R ).

Daily intake of 5 ml( 1 tsp) of lubricant for two months improves abnormal semen aspect in infertile males without any adverse effects( R ).

23) Black Cumin Oil is Anti-Epileptic

Black Cumin lubricant( Thymoquinone) may have anti convulsant act in pediatric epilepsy( R ).

Black Cumin lubricant( Thymoquinone) has anti-epileptic consequences in children following oral ingestion( R ).

The anti-epileptic belongings of Black cumin seeds appear to be due to increasing GABA( R ).

24) Black Cumin Oil is Radio-Protective

Black Cumin lubricant is radio protective against immunosuppressive and oxidative effects of ionizing radioactivity( R ).

25) Black Seed is Effective in the Treatment of Opioid Dependence

Black Seed have effectively long term treatment of opioid dependence( R ).

It not merely medication the Opioid dependence, but too facilitates with the infections and weaknesses from which majority of addicts abide( R ).

26) Black Cumin Helps Women Produce More Milk

Traditionally, it was used to help increase milk production during breastfeeding in nursing fathers( R ).

It is scientifically proven that Black Cumin seeds encourage milk production in rats( R ).

27) Black Seed Suppresses Muscle Spasms

Black Seed has an antispasmodic effect( possibly due to calcium antagonistic undertaking)( R ).

Black Cumin Oil Synergies

Black Cumin seed( Thymoquinone) in combination with radioactivity was considered to exert a synergistic cytotoxic effect against breast cancer cadres( R ).

Black Cumin seed( Thymoquinone) combined with gemcitabine increased tumor force to 85%( R ).

Black Cumin seed remove( Thymoquinone) is known to reduce blood glucose when working together with Aloe vera( R ).

Garlic Extract and Black cumin oil may be predicting operators to complement schistosomiasis specific treatment( R ).

Consumption of garlic remove and crude Black seeds may have a beneficial Antioxidant effect in healthy post menopausal girls( R ).

Black Cumin and Garlic together were effective in improvement of high-pitched cholesterol( R ).

The combination of Black Cumin lubricant and PYR( Pyrimethamine) had synergistic effect in treatment of toxoplasmosis( R ).

2 gm/ epoch of Black Cumin seed may be beneficial together with hypoglycemic operators in form 2 diabetic patients