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chaga mushroom health benefits - Most of the medical experiment on Chaga, has been be done in order to Russia where the mushroom flourishes in abundance, as it promotes cold atmosphere timbers. Chaga Mushroom is an adaptogen. Adaptogenic floras and sprouts help to raising the body back into match and have beneficial effects on the nervous system, immune arrangement, the GI tract, the cardiovascular arrangement and the endocrine arrangement. By supporting the body and imagination in these ways, adaptogens help us to cope with stress, remain health during the freezing and influenza season, combat cancer, and hoist us out of the dark extents of depression and adrenal burnout. They have immune-modulating dimensions that manufacture them supportive in analyse auto-immune diseases and have high levels of anti-oxidants that protect cadres from injuring free radicals. Adaptogens gently tone and support the body plans over era and need to be taken for a minimum time of 2 month to develop the full effect of their healing capabilities. Enjoying one to two bowls of delicious Annanda Chaga Mushroom Tea daily ensures that your immune arrangement is receiving support when it is needed most and to repeatedly flush toxins from the body.

' My older Sister is dying of Pancreatic cancer. She now is hearing a holistic herbalist. She applied her this tea. I have striven all "peoples lives" with a bad immune arrangement. I sought Chaga tea and started drinking it twice a epoch on top of the tincture. One week into it, I am shocked how much better I feel. I am was just about to ordering more so I do not run out...I am spreading the word on this produce. I have grown tired of being sick all the time and modern medication. Thank you .'- Kathryn M.

A very slow germinating mushroom, Chaga has been known to have much more potency than other therapeutic sprouts because it is so long-lived; therefore more concentrated often with pharmaceutical point salving constituents.

As one of the most powerful antioxidants on Earth, Chaga is also a super adaptogen, granting the body what it needs to return to its natural state. Chaga is acting as both a soothing anti-stress gut tonic and a strong cancer fighter. The directory of purported uses of Chaga over the centuries is long and includes preventive measures against many of the top murderers in North America today including coronary thrombosis, stroking, diabetes, cancer and obesity.

- Chaga mushrooms are a strong antioxidant and source of superoxide dismutase( SOD) which halts oxidation, extremely free radicals like singlet oxygen held liable for injuring tissues

- Chaga mushrooms is an issue of 200+ phytonutrients

- Chaga Contains significant amounts of riboflavin and niacin

- The Chaga Mushroom contains B and D vitamins, flavonoids, phenols, copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc iron and enzymes

- One of nature's riches sources of the minerals rubidium, potassium, cesium and germanium; everything the body needs to remain alkaline

- A enormous generator of pantothenic battery-acid which facilitates the adrenal glands and digestive organs

- The Chaga Mushroom has been used for improving cognitive run and memory loss.

- Chaga is an important generator of seed based sterols which shorten bad LDL cholesterol, changes blood pressure, increases metabolism and assistance the endocrine system

- The Chaga Mushroom that comes from Birch trees are too rich in Betulinic Acid which as been used to to diminish some the different types of cancerous tumors.

The Chaga Mushroom is a superior therapeutic mushroom containing over 215 phytonutrients, glyconutrients including: Betulinic Acid, Polysaccharides, Beta Glucans, Tripeptides, Triterpenes including Lanosterol-type Triterpenes, Sterols, Saponins, Inotodiols, Trametenolic Acid and Melanin.

High in Amino Acids, Dietary Fiber, Ionized Trace Minerals( Copper, Selenium, Zinc, Magnese, Iron ), Ionized Essential minerals( Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Chloride, Sodium, Phosphorus ), Vitamin B1( Thiamine ), B2( Riboflavin ), B3( Niacin ), Vitamin D2( Ergosterol ), which is not found in vegetables.

View our Chaga Mushroom Mineral Analysis Report along with a more detailed description of potential benefits that natural minerals offer.

Chaga has the ability to improve the immune reaction, lower high-pitched blood sugar and engagement abnormal and mutagenic cell swelling. Chaga also has the capacity to stimulate the immune reaction shorten rash and to multitask on so many levels performing it a really powerful adaptogen for the body.

Chaga is anti-inflammatory, counteracts sorenes and sanctifies the blood and shields the liver. An amazing polypore fungus that supports our overall well being.

Chaga is rich in Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients may be in Chaga Mushroms and particular organic components of floras, and these components are thought to promote human health. Also ORGANIC outcomes, vegetables, specks, legumes, seeds and teas are rich sources of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients may serve as antioxidants, deepen immune reaction, deepen cell-to-cell communication, adjust estrogen metabolism, convert to vitamin A( beta-carotene is metabolized to vitamin A ), cause cancer cadres to expire( apoptosis ), repair DNA damage caused by smoking and other lethal exposures, detoxify carcinogens through the activation of the cytocrome P450 and Phase II enzyme systems.

Chaga Mushrooms contain Glyconutrients; seed saccharides that provide support for the immune arrangement. Saccharides are necessary for the body's creation of glycoforms, such structures on cell faces used to "talk" to other cadres. Glyconutrients represent a crucial role in supporting your immune arrangement and promoting effective cell-to-cell communication. Recent scientific research to demonstrate that eight simple sugars( monosaccharides )-- most of which are no longer may be in abundance in high standards modern diet--form virtual" utterances of life" at the cellular level. These sugars mix with proteins and fats to establish glycoforms that coat the surface area of nearly every cell in the body. Glycoforms function as cellular approval molecules that communicate the contents a organization needs to function in health. These contents directly alter your natural justification( immune) and endocrine( glandular) plans, in addition to supporting suitable organ and arrangement function.

Chaga Mushroom Polysaccharides

Mushroom polysaccharides act as carriers of other nutrients, delivering them to where they are needed most in the body to increase bio-availability to maintain optimum health. Polysaccharides function with the immune arrangement to aid against cancer, HIV virus, and other anti-bacterial and viral infections. Annanda Chaga contains a minimum of 40% mushroom polysaccharides.

Chaga contains Beta-glucans

Chaga is a rich generator of Beta-Glucans which plays immuno-modulating dimensions helping the body to identify cancer cadres as foreign.

Superoxide Dismutase in Chaga

Chaga mushrooms have the highest levels of Superoxide Dismutase( SOD) found in any natural food and is extremely high in antioxidants. Other nutrients like wheatgrass, broccoli and some lettuces likewise contain SOD but in much smaller amounts.

Anti-Stress/ Immune Support

Chaga mushrooms are often used as an immune arrangement modulator with demonstrated antibacterial, anti-malarial, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic dimensions. Chaga is a unique polypore fungus "hes also" anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-Candida.

Triterpenoids and Sterols

Triterpenes have a strong immune-strengthening affect on the human body by increasing our body's they are able to resist malady by lowering cholesterol ranks. Curing to detoxify the liver and assist with many conditions like hepatitis, chronic bronchitis, coughings and asthma. In vitro Triterpenes are effective against MCF -7 cadres.

Trametenolic Acid For non-insulin dependent diabetics.

Inotodiol- A Triterpenoid found in chaga sprouts which aids the immune arrangement in destroying abnormal cells.

Sterols are effective for prostrate, herpes, lupus, reactions and psoriasis.

Lanosterol-linked triterpenes: Has been studied and researched by Dr. Kirsti Kahlos, School of Pharmacology, University of Helsinki, Finland. Dr. Kahlos' squad conducted contemplates authenticating the immuno-modulating influence of Lanosterol-linked triterpenes effective as a flu-vaccination and for anti-tumor applications.

Betulinic Acid( phytosterol)

Chaga is rich in Betulinic Acid a phytosterol which is naturally represented in the bark of the Birch tree. Betulin from the Birch tree is converted into Betulinic Acid by the Chaga Mushroom performing it soluble for us to absorb into the bloodstream. It is the Betulinc Acid which encourages the process call apoptosis which prompts cancerous cadres to destroy themselves. Chaga is no other mushroom to contain low-toned pH Betulinic Acid which directly targets cancer cadres, which are primarily low-toned pH instructure. Also clinically proven to have anti-tumor and tumor reducing interest. The anti-cancer dimensions of Betulin or Betulinic Acid, is now being studied as a chemotherapeutic worker. Also clinically proven to have anti-tumor and tumor reducing interest. Numerous therapeutic sprouts are known for its immuno potentiating impressions, but David Winston, a renowned herbalist affirms Chaga" has an advantage no other fungus has, that it contains Betulinic battery-acid ". Betulinic battery-acid has demonstrated strong anti tumor activity with virtually no side effects and no toxicity. Betulin cultivates highly selectively on tumor cadres because the interior pH of tumor materials is generally lower than that of normal materials, and Betulinic Acid is only active at those lower levels( Noda et al. 1997 ). Once inside the cadres, Betulinic Acid persuasion apoptosis( programmed cell extinction) in the tumors( Fulda et al ., 1997 ). Recent clinical contemplates show that Betulinic Acid possess precious pharmacological dimensions such as: immuno-modulators, anti-bacterials, anti-oxidants, anti-virals, anti-tumorigenics, anti-pyretics, and others.

Betulinic Acid also is being tested for effectiveness in analyse HIV while demonstrating a high anti-mutagenic activity, capable of lowering the crowd and frequency of mutants in the chromosomes and the genes. Betulinic Acid has been measured for Melanoma cancer, eczema, skin infections and other conditions. Betulinic Acid has been explored as a potential medicine for respiratory syncytial virus( RSV ), which can cause severe cold-like manifestations and pneumonia. The anti-cancer dimensions of Betulin or Betulinic Acid, is now being studied as a chemotherapeutic agent.

Lanosterols Lanosterols exhibit strong cytotoxicity towards carcinoma cadres. Abets to lower cholesterol and shorten candidas. Anti-bacterial.

Ergosterol( Vitamin-D2 ). One of three vitamins able to be absorbed by the surface and the only one that the body is able to making( when exposed to ultraviolet light ). This vitamin is necessary for the process of establishing brand-new surface cadres, as well as bones, teeth, and hair. This vitamin settles cell turn over and applies in prescription derivatives to facilitate assure psoriasis. Derivatives effective for antioxidant rehabilitation and cancer remedies.


Saponins are glycosides mainly of the triterpenoidal character found in the Chaga mushroom and in vegetables( spinach, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts ). Research contemplates reveal it lowers health risks of cancer and lowers cholesterol. Saponins have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.


The Melanin produced by the Chaga mushroom displays high-pitched antioxidant and genoprotective impressions. Melanin improves the appearing of hair, surface and looks, and restores a more youth appearance.

Chaga Mushroom- Ancient Medicine

The use of therapeutic sprouts is not pervasive in the West, but have been used by indigenous peoples of Northern america for hundreds of years. Chaga Mushrooms are still used today in the East, performing Chaga one of the most powerful concealed therapeutic confidentials of the 21 st century.

Great product with self-evident immune boosting effects.
As someone who suffers from several freezings a year that usually lead to bronchitis, I was hopeless for a method to boost my immune arrangement. A love told me about chaga, so I did some more research and decided to give the tea a try. Annanda Chaga's website was instructive and user-friendly, and my shipment been able to reach my opening within 4 business days. The tea has a lovely, slight nutty aroma, and after a month of sucking two bowls a epoch, I instantly noticed improved exemption. As a school teacher, many people around me were getting colds and flus that would normally displace on to me, but I was remaining symptom-free. I have now vanished for more than the three months without any cold manifestations, which is the longest stretch I've gone in wintertime/ spring. Thank you for an astonishing produce !"- Amber C.

Only big ripen fragments of Chaga taken away from the Birch tree will host enough medication to benefit the human body. Chaga from other categories of trees do not have the same constituents as those found in the Birch family.

Annanda Chaga gives safe, pure and laboratory measured Chaga Mushrooms to promotion those who are seeking a natural alternative to health and welfare. Read more about the growing concern of improper and over harvesting of chaga sprouts in the clause' The Reality About Chaga '.