advocate health benefits

advocate health benefits - Georgetown University is provoked to introduce Health Advocate at no cost to you! Inaugurating October 1, 2013 we have expanded the features available to benefits-eligible works through Health Advocate to reinforce individual wellness and afford additional savings on large-scale medical greenbacks. Read on, or trip Health Advocate online to hear more.

Health Advocate is designed to help you and their own families navigate the often complex health care system. The core Health Advocacy program provides you, your relatives, parents and parents in-law with endless phone or email better access to a Personal Health Advocate. Personal Health Advocates are normally registered nurses, supported by medical directors and benefits and pretensions consultants, who can get to the bottom of a wide variety of health care and insurance-related issues. The Core Advocacy program is available to all benefits-eligible employees and retirees, their relatives, parents and parents in-law.

How Does Health Advocate Work?

When you need assistance, simply announce or email Health Advocate and you will be assigned a Personal Health Advocate. Your Personal Health Advocate will listen to your statu, procure the necessary background information, and research and resolve your inquiry.

A Personal Health Advocate will help you with issues such as:

- Noting the privilege physicians, hospitals and other providers
- Scheduling tests and appointments
- Assuring second opinions
- plying the forecast for managements and procedures
- Resolving billing and pretensions issues
- Explain benefits coverage, health conditions and researching the latest treatments
- Setting eldercare services
- Voyage Medicare and plan transitions when your retire

And more!

With a Personal Health Advocate, you and their own families will have a special advantage by having person" at your side" so as to enhance your health care experience.