acai bowl health benefits

acai bowl health benefits - The heat of summer is here, and many have turned to healthier options announced Acai Bowls to cool off. The sweet discuss have increased in vogue, so much better so that there are patronizes and food trucks dedicated exclusively to serving them up. They are sounding up everywhere; in Avila Beach, Arroyo Grande, Santa Barbara and now in downtown San Luis Obispo.

" People are very happy with the bowls. There are people who don't even know how to anticipate what it is. Some come in and expect a smoothie, but this something something much. We have a meal going on ," added Amy Young, the general manager of Bowl'd in San Luis Obispo.

An Acai Bowl is kind of like having a crunchy, chewy smoothie in container. As its reputation connotes, "its by" jam-pack bundled with Acai berries, which have been dubbed as a superfood. Acai is known to have high-pitched extents of antioxidants.

The bowls often contain other fruit and commons. While these healthy ingredients have many health benefits, they likewise contain a large quantity of sugar. The sugar is natural, but dieticians answer sugar is sugar as much as is your mas is concerned.

" Everyone wants something that is good for them, and filling without so much better supplemented sugar ," showed Young.

To accommodate this, the menu at Bowl'd has several options including: a beet container, a protein container, and a kale container. All these containers have less sugar in comparison with the traditional all outcome Acai bowl that is often surfaced with granola, coconut and sugar. These are three exceeds that clear the consider crunchy and dessert, but likewise high-pitched in calories and sugar.

" It is much more than a meal and some people eat it as a snack ," added Susan Swadener, who is a Central Coast dietician and nutritionist.

Dr. Swadener is often hired by regional eateries to break down nutritional knowledge for their menu.

" If you look at the 24 ounce( Acai) container at( Jamba Juice ), it is 916 calories, which is 43 percentage of the number of calories an average girl that is active is supposed to have. In addition to being able to that, it has 87 grams of sugar ," she explained.

There are 2.3 grams of sugar in one sugar cube. A 24 ounce Acai bowl from Jamba Juice has 86 grams of sugar. If you do the math, that's 38 cubes of sugar in this one bowl.

" Sugar is sugar, and that is the thing. We have so much better sugar in our nutrition now. The sweetened beverages, the soda, and even the discerns drinkings ," added Swadener.
However, she said you should still discuss yourself every once in a while by having half of a container and saving the rest for later.

" As we further develop our menu we are developing a spreadsheet of all the state knowledge, since it is important to know exactly what you are putting into your mas ," added Young.

If a business has more than 20 places, by ordinance, they have to directory the caloric and nutritional facts on the menu. Bowl'd in San Luis Obispo, however, will display all the nutritional information available.