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jobs with health benefits - According to a 2013 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 85% of all U.S. full-time employees have access to employer-sponsored health insurance, and about 75% have access to retirement benefits. But millions of Americans don't work full-time employment, which is defined under the Patient Protection& Affordable Care Act( PPACA, universally known as Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act) as working at least 30 hours worked per week at the same employer. And according to each of these reports from The Census Bureau in 2013, just 24% of U.S. part-timers have access to employer-sponsored health insurance, and just 37% have access to retirement benefits.

These part-timers string together various part-time castes to make ends meet, or they wield less than 30 hours worked per week while attending school or parent a family. And while boss aren't required to provide healthcare benefits to part-time personnel, all Americans are required by the Affordable Care Act to maintain health coverage. For this reason, part-time jobs that accommodate health benefits are particularly desirable.

Many part-time workers do receive gives under the Affordable Care Act, preparing it more affordable to purchase individual healthcare plans from private insurers through state-run or federal exchanges. But some employees deserve too much- more than $44,000 per year, as of the 2014 charge time- to qualify for gives under the PPACA. This can employ exchange-based individual or clas insurance policies out of reach.

Not to mention, many companies are scaling back or eliminating helps packages for part-time workers. Target, Walmart, Trader Joe's, and Home Depot lately finished state and retirement plans for part-time personnel, parent the threshold for state coverage to 30 hours worked per week( as per PPACA regulations ), and retirement benefits to 40 hours worked per week. For state, dental, and perception coverage, workers to whom don't work 30 hours worked per week must turn to mood or federal guarantee exchanges.

Companies Offering Part-Time Benefits

Fortunately, some fellowships still volunteer health benefits and other perks, such as dental coverage and 401 k proposals, to part-time employees who work less than 30 hours worked per week. Here are some of the largest, most geographically diverse companies.

1. Whole Foods

Austin-based Whole Food Market fills roughly 80,000 employees, 25,000 of whom are classified as part-timers. With 370 orientations in the U.S. and U.K ., Whole Foods is the world's largest purveyor of natural and organic foods, and its workers are among the industry's best-compensated- the chainwide median hourly compensation is $19, although less experienced part-timers perform considerably less.

The part-time helps box is solid, such as the following:

- Health Plan: Whole Nutrients employees who work at least 20 hours worked per week qualify for the company's full medical, dental, and perception box as soon as they accrue 400 total hours of service. All helps are optional, and they're not fixed in individual employees contract, so management reserve the right to annul them at any time. Items of the intention aren't public, but the minimum deductible is reported to be $1,500.
- Other Welfares: Part-time the worker who guide the 400 -hour observe are too eligible for a 20% discount on place purchases, subsidized life assurance for a monthly cost, paid sick and vacation leave, broth alternatives, and 401 k proposals, into which all employees are automatically enrolled after six months of service( unless they opt out ). The fellowship doesn't have a set match for 401 k contributions, but generally parallels veteran employees' contributions at higher frequencies than newer employees. Whole Food also offers a gain-sharing platform, including bonuses for rank-and-file employees which are paid from the unused portion of their department's annual proletariat fund. Harmonizing to ABC News, the average hire made virtually $2,500 in total gain-sharing incentives in 2013.

2. Allegis Group

Formerly known as Aerotek, Maryland-based Allegis Group is a staffing house that fills roughly 10,000 full-time employees, and virtually 100,000 contractors and temp employees. The fellowship does business through several affiliates, including one that produces the Aerotek name, and its benefits apply to all temp and contract employees who work at least 20 hours worked per week.

- Health Plan: Upon hire, all characterizing Allegis Group employees are immediately eligible for medical, dental, and perception coverage, paid for through hire paycheck contributions. Plan details aren't publicly available, but there are also unsubsidized coverage options for hire relatives. Contract workers and temps must apply for benefits within 30 days of hire, or wait until the next open enrollment stage. Allegis also offers a state savings account, and the company shapes pairing contributions at its discretion.
- Other Welfares: Allegis Group also offers a 401 k intention with a dollar-for-dollar match on the first $500 contributed, and a 50% match on the next $500, for a total employer match of $750 annually. There's also an annual profit-sharing bonus, at the managers' discretion, to internal( not contract) part-time workers at its subsidiaries. Eligible employees may receive part of the profit-sharing bonus as a 401 k lodge that's separate from the annual employer match. Other helps include life and disability insurance, a 529 college savings intention, and paid sick leave and vacation time. These helps are immediately available to new hires, although vacation and sick leave accrues according to a time-served schedule.

3. Costco

Seattle-based Costco is the country's second-largest retailer, retaining roughly 650 storehouse places and 185,000 employees. With a starting compensation of $11.50, and a company-wide median of $21 per hour, the company's compensation is even more generous than Whole Nutrients '. Its spend scale is flatter extremely- the CEO made about$ 5 million in 2013, 25% of the pay in order to Walmart's CEO, and just 48 hours that of the average Costco employee. And with 88% of all employees participating in a state or retirement plan, their benefits are pretty popular.

- Health Plan: Any Costco employee "whos working" more than 24 hours worked per week and logs 180 days of service is eligible for the Choice Plus health plan, which facilitates members to choose their own providers. Part-timers likewise have access to a low-cost dental intention, which covers preventative visits and some costs of basic procedures, as well as basic perception coverage. Since all Costco orientations have a pharmacy, part-time employees enjoy an in-house drug intention( segregated from Choice Plus ), with$ 5 copays for generic drugs and 5% to 15% copays for branded drugs. Payroll rebates for Choice Plus proposes can deliver Costco's Rate Benefits Booklet, which is only available to Costco employees. Coverage for each relative expenses an additional $30 per spend period.
- Other Welfares: Part-time employees can access Costco's 401 k intention, which includes a maximum fellowship match of $500 annually. An optional resilient spending account( FSA) gives employees use pre-tax earnings to pay for daycare, which Costco assertions may accommodate up to $2,000 in cost savings each year. Costco's Care Network supplies free mental health counseling, and offers referrals to pay counselors-at-law and lawyers, who accuse fees for their services. Other helps include a direct broth purchase intention, disability and life assurance, and long-term care insurance. All of these benefits can be used to part-time staff members who log 180 days of service and act more than 24 hours worked per week.

4. Lowe's
Charlotte-based Lowe's, one of the world's largest residence increase stores, has about 160,000 employees spread across 1,750 orientations in the U.S. and abroad. The fellowship has considered its share of employment-related conflicts, including pending disputes that allege unlawful prohibitions of overtime seeks compensation for non-exempt employees. That told, Lowe's does volunteer great benefits for part-timers.

- Health Plan: Part-time employees enjoy better access to a limited medical intention that includes the cost of preventive power visits. They likewise have access to basic dental and perception coverage. There's no minimum threshold for hours worked to qualify, but employees must apply within 31 days of hire. Otherwise, it is necessary to delayed until the following open-enrollment stage. Works offer 100% of the cost of the plan for their first time of service, after which Lowe's contributes 60% of hire costs and 57.5% of dependent costs.
- Other Welfares: Lowe's part-time personnel are also welcome to enrol in life assurance and short-term disability proposals. The fellowship has a direct broth purchase intention after 1 year of service, a 401 k intention after 1 year of service, and 40 hours paid vacation time after 180 days of service. Lowe's matches 401 k contributions dollar-for-dollar up to 3 % of employees' egregious income.

5. Starbucks

Seattle-based Starbucks has more than 16,000 places in the United States alone, and fills virtually 200,000 employees globally, most of whom are part-time. The coffee fellowship has a stature for treating its workers well- median annual earnings for hourly employees are just over $35,000, although the conventional new barista takes residence about$ 9 per hour. Starbucks was also one of the first food busines orders to give a exhaustive employee benefits package.

- Health Plan: Works who work more than 20 hours worked per week( or 240 hours worked per part) enjoy medical proposals that include 100% coverage for preventive care. The basic proposals necessitate hire contributions of just 30% of the total intention fee, which aren't made public, while most comprehensive proposals may include coverage for non-traditional attend, such as acupuncture and chiropractic business, at higher out-of-pocket frequencies. A dental intention that includes preventive visits and some procedural payments is also available, as is a basic perception intention. Works must work at least 160 hours during their first 2 months of service to qualify for these( and other) benefits.
- Other Welfares: Starbucks also offers short-term disability and extinction/ dismemberment insurance proposals, hire assistance programs that include low-cost counseling, adoption assistance of up to $4,000, and a 401 k intention that includes an employer match of up to 6% of total hire contributions. After 1 year of service, part-timers likewise accrue 40 hours of paid vacation per year.

6. UPS

Atlanta-based UPS is among the world's largest logistics houses, with about 400,000 employees globally. Its delivery employees start at $11 per hour, but many of its U.S. hourly employees, including warehouse and delivery employees, operate under collective-bargaining agreements- agreement between the company and its workers' association- that have produced attractive helps packages.

- Health Plan: After 12 months of act, all UPS part-time employees who work at least one hour per week can choose between an Aetna or BlueCross BlueShield PPO plan that includes preventive and basic medical and dental business. These proposals includes a low-toned copay for generic prescription drugs, and coinsurance for more expensive procedures. A basic perception intention is also included. Under the terms of UPS' current collective-bargaining agreement, part-time workers offer nothing out-of-pocket for these benefits, naming UPS apart from most other fellowships accommodating part-time helps- most fellowships necessitate employees to contribute a portion of their pay to the health plans.
- Other Welfares: UPS employees enjoy other benefits at no expenditure, including life, disability, and extinction/ dismemberment insurance, adoption assistance, and tobacco cease buoy. Dependent spouses and children qualify for these benefits as well. For a cost, UPS offers supplementary life assurance, personal directions guarantee( auto and residence directions ), legal assistance, and health savings accounts for workers and relative spouses, offsprings, and elders. Eventually, since almost half of its part-time employees take college tracks, UPS offers tuition assistance of up to $3,000 per year, with a $15,000 life-time ceiling. New employees are immediately eligible for this benefit.

7. Staples

Boston-based Staples has about 90,000 employees who work at 1,500 U.S. places( 2,200 places globally) and roughly 120 fulfillment midsts. Although the company has snipped its workforce in response to challenger from power wholesalers and online retailers, it was better offerings handsome helps for part-time workers.

- Health Plan: Staples offerings a limited medical intention through Aetna at a per-paycheck costs of $21 per identify, or $60 for the purposes of an associate plus dependent family members. The intention doesn't meet the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act, so Staples cautions employees to obtain supplemental health insurance coverage abroad. The intention also includes limited perception and dental helps that cover part of the costs associated with preventive and routine attend. Works are immediately eligible for these benefits, but must enroll within 31 days of hire. One important memo: Since Staples pays higher wages to works in Massachusetts, Washington, North Dakota, and New Hampshire, the company doesn't offering health benefits to part-timers in these locations.
- Other Welfares: Despite reductions in included perks, Staples still offers short-term disability insurance and individual employees succor platform that connects employees with financial professionals, infant- and elder-care, and legal services. Part-time employees can also take part in a broth purchase intention and a 401 k platform, with Staples pairing contributions at 50 pennies on the dollar up to 6% of total spend. To qualify for these perks, employees must work 500 hours within a six-month period.

8. REI

With 12,000 employees, Seattle-based REI is routinely cited as one of the country's better retailers to work for. It's still structured as a co-op, although not every employee has an ownership bet, and high-ranking decisions are made by a usual board of directors. Most employees start above $10 per hour in payments, and the company has a notoriously flat spend scale- its CEO constructed just $750,000 in 2013. REI also offers benefits to all employees, including those who work just a few hours worked per week.

- Health Plan: REI offers a two-tiered health plan. Part-time staff who work less than 20 hours worked per week are immediately eligible to enroll in the company's PaTH plan, for which REI pays 60% of the employee's payments, although employees must bear the full cost of coverage for family members. PaTH also offers dental and perception helps, which employees must pay for out-of-pocket. Non-exempt REI employees( those who receive overtime pay for entering more than 40 hours in a few weeks) who average between 20 and 40 hours worked per week can access the company's FLEX plan, which pays 85% of the employee's payments for medical and dental coverage. Accurate fee payments aren't publicly available. Vision coverage is less charitable. REI claims that its FLEX and PaTH plans have 5,000 and 1,000 members, respectively, representing half of all eligible employees.
- Other Welfares: REI also offers basic life assurance and 401 k proposals that are immediately available to part-timers who work 20 hours worked per week. The retirement plan includes a dollar-for-dollar fellowship match, up to 5% of total income, with possibilities for a profit-sharing 401 k lodge equivalent to that given to 10% of the employee's total income. Part-time personnel are also welcome to apply for medical or personal foliages of absence, which are approved on a case-by-case basis.

9. Nike

Portland, Oregon-based Nike has considered its fair share of debate, including stubborn charges that it expended child labor in its overseas plants, but its tens of thousands of U.S. employees have it pretty good. All employees who work more than 30 hours worked per week qualify for the company's full-time helps box , not only health benefits, as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Part-timers who clear the 20 hour weekly doorstep are eligible for some benefits as well.

- Health Plan: For part-timers who have been with the company for at the least 1 year, Nike has a charitable health plan that includes a $1,000 deductible with 80% coverage above that quantity. Preventive and basic services, including office visits and prescriptions, are contained in the intention. Nike doesn't broadcast further details of the available proposals, and expects part-time staff to pay their plan's full costs. As a group guarantee intention, it may be more inexpensive than a private insurer's individual intention. Basic dental and perception coverage are included as included out-of-pocket expenses.
- Other Welfares: Part-time employees with at the least 1 year of service qualify for a broth purchase intention that allows employees to use up to 10% of their total earnings to obtain broth at a 15% reject. Nike also offers a 401 k plan for eligible part-timers, which includes a dollar-for-dollar match on contributions up to 5% of total income, and a profit-sharing platform that knocks in after 1 year of service. Other helps for 1 year ex-servicemen include disability, life, and extinction/ dismemberment insurance, paid time off( 30 hours a year worked for the first two years of service ), long-term care insurance, and optional state savings accounts.

10. Land's End

With roughly 5,000 year-round employees, Dodgeville, Wisconsin-based Land's End is one of the smaller companies on such lists. However, its retail business is highly seasonal, establishing part-time opportunities for thousands of warehouse and customer support employees during the holidays. Temporary and part-time workers are eligible for several benefits.

- Health Plan: Land's End offers dental and perception coverage to all employees upon hire, although the details of these plans aren't public. All employees likewise receive better access to an on-site medical clinic at Land's End headquarters, which offers low-cost preventive care and basic services. Land's End doesn't offer subsidized health insurance for part-time employees, but year-round and recalling seasonal workers can purchase group coverage at full costs. Seasonal workers to whom sign up to work the following holiday season hold these benefits during the off-season.
- Other Welfares: Non-seasonal Land's End part-time staff are immediately eligible to contribute to a 401 k intention, the details of which aren't publicly available. There's no stock purchase plan for part-timers. All employees located at the company's headquarters have free access to a fitness center, which also offers wellness and medical prepare years, such as CPR, for a cost. An onsite health food store offerings wholesale prices on fleshes and veggies. Eventually, all employees receive discounts on Land's End products.

11. U-Haul

As the country's largest self-serve moving house, Phoenix-based U-Haul has about 20,000 the workers and tens of thousands of trucks, trailers, and storage forces. With a work-from-home customer service crew and lots of seasonal warehousing and sales castes, the company's workforce is resilient. Part-time payments start around $8.50 per hour, but regular spend additions bump the average compensation up to $13 per hour for all non-salaried employees. Part-timers enjoy solid benefits.

- Health Plan: U-Haul offerings a limited medical and dental intention that includes coverage for annual power visits, low-toned drug copays, and partial coverage for more expensive business. The fellowship doesn't perform deductible, coinsurance, or premium people public. Works must cover the full cost of payments, which may be more or less expensive than those for a analogous individual intention. Additionally, these medical helps don't meet the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act, so supplementary guarantee may be required. All U-Haul employees who log at least 20 hours worked per week are immediately eligible for these benefits.
- Other Welfares: After a year of service, part-time U-Haul employees who log 20 hours a few weeks qualify for direct broth purchase and 401 k proposals, although the company doesn't perform these details public. Additional perks include travel guarantee, discounts on U-Haul equipment, and better access to a company credit union.

Final Word

While some fellowships have scaled back helps for part-time employees, it's still possible to find national boss offering solid helps packages to part-time personnel. These helps might not be as robust as those offered to full-time employees, and they may have regulations or limits on coverage, but employer-sponsored proposals still tend to be more inexpensive than proposals purchased on the private marketplace, especially when companies help subsidize the cost.