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health benefits of dandelion root tea - The dandelion is an herb in serious need of an portrait makeover. Cursed by numerous gardeners and those working in search of excellent lawns, dandelion is often viewed as a pest plant. If "youre walking" past my home, you'll is well aware from the dandelions that develop rampant on the front lawn. While my neighbours continue to douse

the yellow flowers with pernicious pesticides, I prefer to let the resilient and rife flowers develop. That's because, in addition to providing dandelion's excellent nutritional and health benefits, it has scientifically proven medicinal qualities and an extensive history of use. Research is increasingly showing its benefits for fighting cancer, foreclosing osteoporosis, analyse Alzheimer's disease, and much more .

A Brief History of Dandelion

An Arab doctor firstly recorded dandelion's curative qualities in the tenth century. Dandelion was immediately announced " piddle bunked" because of its ability to increase urine spring. The French have a less tactful identify for the plant as well: pissenlit. En lit means" in bunk ." I'll leave you to figure out the rest .

As far back as 1880, contemplates showed that dandelion is an effective management for hepatitis and grow of the liver. Another German survey proved that dandelion spring helped mitigate jaundice and shorten gallstones. Newer research shows that dandelion spring shields the liver against some harmful toxins, such as carbon tetrachloride, which is used in some clean produces and building information .

Growing Dandelion

I probably don't have to give you any advice on how to grow dandelion, other than to evade use pesticides and to chip your grass less often. By chipping your grass less frequently, you'll increase the likelihood that the yellow dandelion flowers will go to seed( forming the familiar puffball honchoes ). When that happens, the wind disperses the seeds and is responsible for ensuring that more dandelion plants develop in your yard .

Harvesting Dandelion Roots and Greens

Both the roots and the buds of dandelion is also possible gleaned. Irrespective of which you are using, be sure to gather them from an range free of pesticides and lawn sprays. Be cautious even about gleaning from your own lawn unless you live away from commerce and are self-confident of the land's organic status .

Dandelion lettuces delicacy good when they're young and tender. As they develop, they become increasingly bitter. To glean the roots, conversely, look for large-scale plants. I've found it easiest to glean the roots after a rainfall, when the ground is still soft and the roots come out entire .

The Health Benefits of Dandelion Roots and Greens

Dandelion lettuces help both the urinary pamphlet and liver, while the spring succeeds primarily on the liver. Most of the studies on the effectiveness of dandelion employment dandelion spring tinctures or dandelion spring or leaf tea. In my experience, tinctures tend to be more potent than tea. Dandelion root is also available commercially in pulverized or capsule flesh. You can make a decoction using two teaspoons of pulverized dandelion spring per cup of sea. Bring to a evaporate and simmer for forty-five minutes. Make a large enough quantity of tea to ensure that it won't really evaporate during the cooking era. Drink one cup of the dandelion spring tea three times daily. Another alternative is to take one teaspoon of alcohol-based dandelion tincture three times daily .

Liver Regenerator

Dandelion root has been historically used in the treatment of liver maladies like jaundice, and increasing amounts of studies corroborate this use. Some health professionals recommend dandelion spring tea for beings taking antidepressant prescriptions, since these treats can disrupt the liver's detoxification pathways. Research in the Journal of Medicinal Food shows that dandelion likewise cures protect the liver against damage from other treats, including painkillers like acetaminophen .

If you plan to use the root to give your liver a increase, a typical dose is 500 to 2,000 mg of dandelion spring in vessel or tea flesh, taken daily for two weeks .

Blood Sugar Balancer and Diabetes Support

Dandelion contains a substance known as alpha-glucosidase, which is nature's blood-sugar reducer. It has been used for many years to plow diabetes. Parties with diabetes should work with a doctor to observer their blood sugar degrees, because dandelion spring tea is so effective that it frequently helps people shorten their prescriptions .


In a study published in the periodical Molecules, researchers found that animals imparted dandelion had a reduction in wearines and a increase in immunity .

Fat Burner

When it comes to weight loss, dandelion is virtually unrivaled, in large-scale side due to its effects on the liver. Dandelion root improves liver office and increases the rate of overweight metabolism in two ways: firstly, it arouses the liver to produce more bile to send to the gallbladder, which cures burn overweight, and second, it causes the gallbladder to contract and release its collected bile, further increasing overweight metabolism. I often recommend imbibing dandelion in tea flesh to assistant weight loss. Not merely can dandelion spring and leaf stimulate the liver to burn overweight, it can also assistant reset our hormone match so we stop storing as much overweight, soothe our cadres to increase our vitality degrees, and speed up our metabolism so that weight
melts off .

Anticancer Powerhouse

Dandelion's greatest therapeutic promise may lie in its ability to fight cancer. One of the most exciting contemplates about dandelion's anticancer qualities was published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Canadian scientists found that after forty-eight hours of show to dandelion extract, cancer cadres begin to die off. The survey likewise found that dandelion was effective on cancer cadres "thats been" resistant to chemotherapy. Another survey, published in the International Journal of Oncology, found that a tea made from dandelion leaves abridged the growth of breast cancer cadres, while a tea made from dandelion spring obstructed the capacities of cancer cadres to occupy healthy breast and prostate material. In another survey published in the online medical periodical PLoS One, researchers found that an extract of dandelion spring was able to selectively and effectively kill cancer cadres without toxicity to healthy cadres. They concluded that natural products such as dandelion spring have" great potential as non-toxic and effective alternatives to conventional modes of chemotherapy available today ." According to a study published in the periodical Molecular Carcinogenesis, one of the ways that dandelion spring seems to fight cancer is by making tumor cadres more prone to the natural process known as apoptosis, which causes cadres to virtually commit suicide. This survey likewise found that dandelion spring seems to increase the effectiveness of other cancer treatments exerted alongside it .

Blood Purifier and Immune Booster

In a study are presented in Betterments in Hematology, researchers found that dandelion significantly increased both scarlet and white blood cell weighs, preparing it a probable aid in the treatment of anemia, blood purification, and immune method modulation .

Superbug Killer

Recently researchers have added the role of superbug killer to the dandelion's impressive health-boosting resume, showing it proved effective against the bacteria E. coli, Bacillus subtilis, and MRSA .

Osteoporosis Preventer

Next to cabbage, dandelion shoots( the stem, leaves, and flowers) have the highest amount of the bone-building mineral boron. According to James Duke, ten grams( really under seven tablespoons) of bone-dry dandelion shoots plies over one milligram of boron and two hundred milligrams of calcium. While that were likely to sound like a lot of dandelion, keep in mind that imbibing it as a tea originates it much simpler to ingest. In add-on, calcium in this form is much better sucked than from other sources like dairy produces .

Brain Food and Memory Enhancer

Dandelion flowers are one of best available sources of the nutrient lecithin, which, among other functions, increases the amount of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and helps improve recognition .

Urinary Tract Infection Fighter

Dandelion root is a strong diuretic, which means that it additions the production of urine. Increased urination cures flush out bladder bacteria, preparing dandelion spring tea valued in the treatment of bladder illness .