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chestnut health benefits - Chestnut belong to the genus Castanea and come from beech house. It has four genus viz. European, Chinese, Japanese and American Chestnuts. These genus are very different from each other in their emergence pattern.

Chinese Chestnut flourishes slowly and has a wide emergence but American and European ones are known for faster emergence and usually extend erect and narrow in shape.

The palatable nut which is also called chestnut, same as the tree on which it flourishes is contained in two shields- outer shell is hard-bitten and thick and the one inside is thin and called Pellicle.

Chestnuts are solely seasonal, but nowadays the vacuum parcelled chestnuts can be bought throughout the year. Chestnuts should not be spent raw because they have a high contents of tannic battery-acid in their own homes which will leave an extremely bad perceive and seem in your mouth.

This is why they are roasted or simmered with the second largest and thinner obscure on it. The ensuing nut has a great perceive and crispy texture.

They have a great versatility and can be used both in savory and sweet foods. Chestnuts are used in the form of flour to become desserts and as an additive in other sweet groomings. In savory foods, it is used in stews, soups, casseroles and is favourite as a compounding with meat.

Chestnuts are not only good to perceive but are too laded with a lot of nutritional goodness which we will unfold in the following sections.

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Nutrition Facts of Chestnuts Energy 200 Kcal Carbohydrates 44 gms Paunches 1.3 gms Protein 1.6 gms Vitamin A 1 ug Vitamin B1 0.144 mg Vitamin B2 0.016 mg Vitamin B3 1.102 mg Folate 58 ug Vitamin B6 0.352 mg Vitamin C 40.2 mg Calcium 19 mg Magnesium 30 mg Iron 0.94 mg Phosphorus 38 mg Zinc 0.49 mg Potassium 484 mg
Chestnut is high energy and low-fat nut. The minerals in chestnut are predominantly present in moderate sums except copper and manganese.

It is a rich generator of vitamins and has 60% spray content that performs it much healthier and different from other nuts. Nutrition chart demonstrates the details of the synopsi of the nutritional form of chestnuts in detail for a 100 grams performing. In a summary, Chestnuts fulfils 27% of Vitamin B6, 15% of folate and 48% of Vitamin C's daily requirement as specified by Institute of Medicine, US.

Apart from the nutrients demonstrated, it has a healthful extent of fiber which is about 20% of our body's demand, manganese is 40% and copper is almost 50%. Chestnut has almost a ended form of indispensable nutrients necessary for various health benefits.

Health Benefits of Chestnut

The nutritional form of Chestnuts furnish with a great health benefits and keep your body are working in the best possible manner.

It has a proven record of improving your body's defense system called exemption, thereby creating an overall improvement in your health and well-being.

1. Dental Care& Bone health
We all know teeth the strongest bones in the body so it must be said that what works for one works for the other as well.

Calcium and phosphorus are two minerals that are absolutely essential for bone health as they make up the primary form of bones, however, a healthful quantity of Magnesium is required for the other two to carry out their function effectively.( 1, 2)

Magnesium forms the hard enamel around your teeth and shields the bones from degeneration and disintegration.( 3)

Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium- all the three are present in chestnuts though calcium is on the lower side.

2. For Diarrhea
For problems relating to Diarrhea and the condition itself, chestnut and specifically the chestnut tree bark has been found to be a very effective remedy.

The water in which you evaporate the chestnuts along with its shell or bark is rich in Tannins. Tannins, when taken in controlled sums, can counteract you from Diarrhea.( 4)

A standard 3 spoonfuls of crushed bark or equivalent chestnuts with shells in a liter of spray simmered for about 20 times and spent in accordance with the arrangements of 2-3 beakers in a era is considered safe.

3. Respiratory Diseases
Cough, cold, Bronchitis and sore throat are some of the more common respiratory milieu. In absces throat, cough and cold, the irritation of throat can cause a lot of pain and pain.

There is also a persistent find of dryness which causes itching. To get a comfort from this particular problem, physicians administer cough syrups containing expectorant.

Expectorant signals the body to develop more hydrating secretions that counteract the throat. Chestnut has the same belongings as that of an expectorant.

4. Maintain Blood Vessel Elasticity
Chestnuts contain indispensable fatty battery-acids that are required by our body and be drawn from the dietary generators. Chestnuts are especially rich in linoleic battery-acid and have Palmitic acid and Oleic acid that are safe for your body.( 5)

They have a low level of cholesterol and can be used to creating down high levels of "Bad Cholesterol" or LDL in the blood vessels.

LDL can create sediments of medal along the inner lining of blood vessels doing them strict over a period of time. Food parts like chestnuts clear this medal and intimidate its formation ensuring resilience and healthy structure of blood vessels.

5. Strong Antioxidant
A high-pitched extent of Vitamin C, Gallic acid, and Ellagic acid become chestnut a strong and very effective anti-oxidant. Antioxidants are required by the body to clean the poisons and free radicals.

Free progressives are produced in the body as a result of the natural phenomenon of molecules reacting with active oxygen. An unchecked emergence of free radicals mischief your cells, DNA and are responsible for induce cancer.( 6, 7)

Chestnuts with their ponderous form of antioxidant belongings detoxify your body and optimizes the immune function of the body. (8)

6. For Loose flows
Loose flows or dysentery are also welcome to be checked by tannin on chestnuts. The Same concoction that cures diarrheas are also welcome to introduce a lot of comfort from persistent dysentery.( 9)

In fact, "its more" of a kinfolk remedy and a very effective one very. It is better not to administer it to children and infant as even a bit mistake in proportions can give them a ponderous dosage of tannin.

In India, it is used for De-worming as well.

7. Thyroid function
Thyroid in our cervix is most important endocrine gland of our body. It raises two significant hormones called Triiodothyronine and Thyroxine.

The thyroid adjusts the rate at which our body exercises energy, performs proteins and controls our body's predisposition to other hormones.

The ellagic battery-acid in Chestnuts can help support the Thyroid function where one knowledge hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid function. Ellagic acid stifles the hormone secretion thereby creating a button over the overactive thyroid gland.( 10, 11)

8. Aids Digestion
Chestnuts have a very high fiber content.

Fiber absorbs spray and performs the stools soft together with lending majority to it. Bulkier and softer stools pass through the gastrointestinal lot easily and faster. This avoids constipation and constipation-related anal irritation and stacks.( 12)

Usually, the fiber in nutrient will not dally its role properly if there is inadequate spray in the body.

But chestnuts have a high contents of spray as well which performs it a excellent select for improving digestion with the right combination of fiber and spray together.

9. Promotes Weight Loss
Weight loss of harmful force is a must, but it is equally necessary to get it on in a right way.

An harmful regime for weight loss can cause a lot of damage to the body in long run.

Diet and food are the most important part of a weight loss program and chestnuts are best suited for it and for more than one conclude. They are low on paunch but are high on energy quotient.

The inexhaustible fiber contents of Chestnut performs you full and keeps you full for longer which naturally restrains appetite. The mineral form and spray in chestnuts further controllers and replenishes the loss of electrolyte if you are also on a ponderous practice programme for shaving off the extra weight.

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10. Nurtures Pregnancy
Pregnancy is an important season for every lady, she is not only responsible for the growing child inside her but too must be free to take care of herself in best possible manner.

The changing fetus drains out and downs a lot of nutrients from mother's body and this is why a pit rounded and adequate diet be necessary during pregnancy.

Chestnuts provide calcium, Vitamins and important minerals that become the bones strong, counterbalance electrolytes thereby preventing from frequent cramping which numerous pregnant women know-how and stopping your health in a good shape by warding off infections.

Chestnuts are also known to alleviate nausea which blights the majority of members of pregnant women, especially in the first trimester.

11. Balance Electrolyte
The electrolyte is the fluid in our body and is made of sodium, magnesium, potassium and carbonates.

An electrolyte as a word makes ions that can handling electricity. In body too, they have a function of transporting neuro-transmissions from the mentality to different parts of our body and back.( 13)

Loss of electrolyte makes target naturally through our excretions and sweating. Mainly it is our diet the remaining balance electrolyte and replenishes the minerals contained in it.

Chestnuts contain safe and reasonable sums of Potassium and magnesium that are necessary for the electrolyte. The liquor which carries these ions calls spray and chestnut is 60% spray which can be further increased by cooking it.

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12. Heart health( Vitamin b6)
Along with Vitamin B1 2 and Folate, Vitamin B6 adjusts and controls the levels of Homocysteine.

Homocysteine is a non-protein amino battery-acid whose high levels are associated with irritation and damage to blood vessels. This amino acid can cause severe barriers in veins leading to hazard of oxygenated blood to the heart.

People with the levels of Homocysteine are prone to an high jeopardy of heart attack and apoplexy apart from procreating stress on the part cardiovascular organization which results in deterioration of its function.

Chestnuts are Vitamin B1 2 rich nuts that have a significant amount of folate or folic acid in them that can help in detaining the onset of Hyperhomocysteinemia.

13. The Vital Oxygen Carriers
Iron and copper are two important elements required for blood and its production.

Blood basically is a vessel that vehicles oxygen to various parts of our body. The ingredient called hemoglobin is responsible for this function and is made of iron.

In fact, the blood-red shade of our blood is owing to the presence of Iron. The other ingredient which moves oxygen to our body is announced hemocyanin.

It is composed of Copper which binds oxygen molecule between two of its atoms. Though not as effective as hemoglobin but hemocyanins are extremely important for this function.Both of these mark metals are present in chestnuts in adequate quantities.

In fact, those suffering from anemia can consume chestnuts to facilitate this problem effectively.

14. Alleviates Stones
Oxalate is an Ion which is associated with increased risk of developing kidney stones.

The calcium oxalate is specially blamed for the bark bladder and kidney stones. The high levels of oxalate in our body are determined by the nutrient we gobble. This is why a low-pitched oxalate diet is recommended to curb the chances of developing stones.( 14, 15)

Chestnuts are a low-oxalate nutrient generator. The potassium in chestnuts adjusts and control the liberate and dissemination of calcium in the body. It ensures the deposition of calcium on bones with a minimum quantity going into the blood stream thereby preventing stone formation.

15. Astringent Properties
Chestnuts have anti-inflammatory belongings that make it a great caustic owing to a ponderous contents of tannin in it.

Tannins can allay the surface both problems and provide relief from swelling and sorenes compelled due to cry in body tissues.( 16)

It helps in faster healing of curves and soothes. This character of Chestnut was particularly effective in plowing hemorrhoids.

Side Accomplishes of Chestnuts
Chestnuts are a very rich source of Vitamin B6 which is a spray soluble vitamin. Though the the possibility of overdosing are rare in cases of water-soluble vitamins because they are not stored in the body but a long term high-pitched dosage of Vitamin B6 can cause mentality and gut problems.

The excess intake on a persistent basis can be achieved through spikes of Vitamin B6 which may result in health complications in the long term.

Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction which causes asthma type of evidences. People who are allergic to nuts must make sure that Chestnut is suitable for them.

Many a eras an allergy may be caused by a certain class of nuts only which performs other nuts safe. But as they say, better be safe than sorry, so consult your physician before you take in a handful of them.