cerasee health benefits

cerasee health benefits - The cerasee seed, scientifically known as Momordica Charantia, is native to Africa and the Middle East. However, it can now be found virtually in all parts of the world. The yellow-bellied fruit which the seed renders, bitter melon or bitter lookout, can be eaten fresh, and is cooked in many Chinese and Indian dishes.

In Jamaica, cerasee is a very popular herb. The foliages and branch are usually simmered or extorted into a tea and taken for a number of ailments including hypertension, diabetes, parasitic worms, abdominal griefs, and purifying/ detoxing the body and blood. Cerasee is also used for constipation and it is sometimes given to children for deliriums and colds. In add-on, cerasee is also used sometimes with other herbs to make a bush bathroom to plow skin problems like rashes and eczema. Also, in some cases, the fresh foliages and branch are humbled and chafed on the scalp to deal with scalp both problems and insect bites. Cerasee is also used as a tea to increase menstrual griefs and to medicine urinary tract infections.

Nutritionally, cerasee is rich in vitamins A and C, phosphorus and cast-iron. Therefore, cerasee can be used as a mild detoxer. Its blood purging belongings plus its ability to reduce constipation becomes it very effective for detoxing. It is often recommended that cerasee, when used as a tea, be taken for nine nighttimes straight-from-the-shoulder after which a flout is taken.

In recent times, cerasee has become highly commercialised and tea suitcases can now be found in virtually all supermarkets.

In Jamaican mythology, it is proposed that cerasee tea be taken by a pregnant maid so that the newborn will be born with a good scalp sound and it becomes the birthing process easier.

In addition, it is also recommended that the cerasee tea be taken nine nighttimes after birth that are intended to tone up the organs involved in pregnancy and childbirth.

Overall, cerasee is a very useful herb; however, with the gues of possible liver damage with long and continuous apply, I would suggest that the cerasee tea be taken for a nine-day age and then to have a break.

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